Past IEEE Computer Society Presidents
IEEE Computer Society honors its presidents who are exemplars of service and leadership in the field of technology.

The IEEE Computer Society traces its origins to the 1946 formation of the Committee on Large-Scale Computing of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE).

Five years later, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) formed its Professional Group on Electronic Computers. The principal volunteer officers of both these groups were designated chairs. The AIEE and the IRE merged in 1963 to become the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The respective committee and group of the predecessor organizations combined to form the modern IEEE Computer Society. The society’s principal volunteer office has been designated as president since 1970.


Institute of Radio Engineers logoChairs of the IRE Professional Group on Electronic Computers

1951–1953  Morton M. Astrahan

1953–1954  John H. Howard

1954–1955  Harry Larson

1955–1956  Jean H. Felker

1956–1957  Jerre D. Noe

1957–1958  Werner Buchholz

1958–1959  Willis H. Ware

1959–1960  Richard O. Endres

1960–1962  Arnold A. Cohen

1962–1964  Walter L. Anderson



American Institute of Electrical Engineers logoChairs of the AIEE Committee on Large-Scale Computing Devices

1946–1949  Charles Concordia

1949–1951  John Grist Brainerd

1951–1953  Walter H. MacWilliams

1953–1955  Frank J. Maginniss

1955–1957  Edwin L. Harder

1957–1959  Morris Rubinoff

1959–1961  Ruben A. Imm

1961–1963  Claude A. Kagan

1963–1964  Gerhard L. Hollander



Chairs of the IEEE Computer Group

1964–1965  Keith Uncapher

1965–1966  Richard I. Tanaka

1966–1967  Samuel Levine

1968–1969  Charles L. Hobbs



Presidents of the IEEE Computer Society

1970–1971  Edward J. McCluskey

1972–1973  Albert S. Hoagland

1974–1975  Stephen S. Yau

1976  Dick B. Simmons

1977–1978  Merlin G. Smith

1979–1980  Tse-Yun Feng

1981  Richard E. Merwin

1982–1983  Oscar N. Garcia

1984–1985  Martha Sloan

1986–1987  Roy L. Russo

1988  Edward A. Parrish

1989  Kenneth A. Anderson

1990  Helen M. Wood

1991  Duncan H. Lawrie

1992  Bruce D. Shriver

1993  James H. Aylor

1994  Laurel V. Kaleda

1995 Ronald G. Hoelzeman

1996  Mario R. Barbacci

1997  Barry W. Johnson

1998  Doris L. Carver

1999  Leonard L. Tripp

2000  Guylaine M. Pollock

2001  Benjamin W. Wah


























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