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The IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred on members with extraordinary records of professional accomplishments in computing.


About IEEE Fellows

The grade of Fellow is conferred upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any IEEE field of interest (Bylaw I-104.11).

The IEEE Fellow Nomination cycle for the Fellow Class of 2025 closes on 7 February 2024 at 11:59pm ET

Updated IEEE Fellow Guides and Procedures are noted below.


IEEE Fellow Eligibility

To be nominated as a Fellow, a recipient must:

  • Have accomplishments that have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science and technology, bringing the realization of significant value to society;
  • Hold Senior Member or Life Senior Member grade at the time the nomination is submitted; and
  • Have been a member in good standing in any grade for a period of five cumulative years or more preceding 1 January of the year of elevation.  IEEE Society affiliate membership does not apply.

Find out more about the IEEE Fellow Nomination process including non-eligibility.

Nomination Process

Any person, including non-IEEE members, is eligible to serve as a nominator. The following are exceptions: members of the IEEE Board of Directors, members of the IEEE Fellow Committee, Chair, Vice Chair, or Member (Evaluator) of any Society/Council Fellow Evaluating Committee (S/C FEC) evaluating the nomination, member of the Cohort Fellow Evaluating Committee (CFEC) evaluating the nomination, or IEEE Staff.   Self-nomination is not permitted.

Nominators, please complete the following tasks:

  • Preparing the IEEE Fellow Grade Nomination Form (pdf).  See Nomination Quick Help Guide (pdf).
  • The nominator is responsible for soliciting at least three, but no more than five, references capable of assessing the nominee’s contributions.
    (NOTE: A reference must be an IEEE Fellow in good standing. The following individuals are ineligible to serve as IEEE Fellow references: members of the IEEE Board of Directors, members of the Fellow Committee, members of the IEEE Society/Technical Council Fellow Evaluating Committee reviewing the nomination or IEEE Staff. In addition, a nominator may not serve as a reference for a nomination he/she is submitting.
    Exception: References will be accepted if a reference is an IEEE Senior or Life Senior member from Region 9, in good standing and the nominee they are serving as a reference resides in Region 9).  See Fellow Reference Help Guide (pdf).
  • There is the option of soliciting no more than three endorsements capable of supporting the nomination. Any person, including non-IEEE members, may submit an endorsement.  See Fellow Endorsement Help Guide (pdf).
  • Identify an IEEE Society/Technical Council whose evaluating committee will assess the nominee’s technical qualifications and contributions.

Find out more about the IEEE Fellow Evaluation Process.

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Some changes to the Nomination Form have been made but are not yet reflected on all manuals & governance documents yet



IEEE CS Fellow Evaluating Committee

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The IEEE Computer Society Fellow Evaluating Committee (S/C FEC) assists the IEEE Fellow Committee in recognizing IEEE members who, in its opinion, meet the qualifications for the grade of Fellow because of contributions to the areas of interest to the Society. The committee members must determine whether the work of each candidate is recognized and considered outstanding in the Society’s field of interest. The committee provides a succinct statement of the candidate’s qualifications for a Fellow grade. The members rate the candidate’s contributions relative to the contributions of IEEE Fellows.  The IEEE CS Fellow Evaluating Committee chair is responsible for merging the evaluators’ input into a coherent whole, for reaching consensus with the committee on ranking the candidates, and for making the final decision on the content of the evaluation forms.

New 2023 Procedures: The IEEE CS Fellow Evaluating Committee (S/C FEC) chair is appointed by the president-elect.  Starting in 2023 (for the 2025 Fellows Class), each S/C President received a spreadsheet from IEEE Fellows staff which included all Fellows and Life Fellows who are active members of their S/C, along with their region, gender, organizational affiliation, and whether they are a member of IEEE Standards Association. This information is used to help develop a S/C FEC and CFEC within the diversity representation per the new implemented guidelines for Societies and Councils (pdf).   S/C FEC’s must be completed by 1 September of each year.


2024 IEEE Computer Society Fellow Evaluating Committee


  • LING LIU, Chair
    Georgia Institute of Technology

Vice Chairs

  • Maya Gokhale
  • Latifur Khan
  • Jaejin Lee
  • Maja Pantic
  • Timothy M. Pinkston
  • Kui Ren
  • Dacheng Tao
  • Munindar Singh

Staff Support

  • Anne Marie Kelly
  • Millie Lovos

Evaluating Committee Members

2024 IEEE Computer Society Fellow Evaluating Committee Members

The 2024 IEEE-CS Fellow Evaluating Committee work is to scheduled to begin on 15 February 2024 until all evaluations are due per the Society’s timeline.

“Serving committee members cannot serve as nominators, endorsers, or references for any nominee being evaluated by the IEEE Computer Society”

Society Evaluator Members:                       Society Alternate Members: New

  1. Gail-Joon Ahn
  2. Srinivas Aluru
  3. Vijayalakshmi Atluri
  4. Ewa Deelman
  5. Wei Ding
  6. Miwako Doi
  7. Schahram Dustdar
  8. Abdelsalam Sumi Helal
  9. Gang Hua
  10. Arun Iyengar
  11. Hans-Arno Jacobsen
  12. Yusheng Ji
  13. James Joshi
  14. Keqin Li
  15. Tieyan Liu
  16. Cristina Lopes
  17. Kwan Liu Ma
  18. Erik Jan Marinissen
  19. Katherine Morse
  20. Marc Najork
  21. Li-Shiuan Peh
  22. Calton Pu
  23. Weisong Shi
  24. Mei-Ling Shyu
  25. Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
  26. Jaideep Vaidya
  27. Xiaodong Zhang
  1. Robert Aitken
  2. Jean Bacon
  3. Athman Bouguettaya
  4. Azzedine Boukerche
  5. Yiran Chen
  6. Baining Guo
  7. Constance Heitmeyer
  8. Hai Jin
  9. Sandra Johnson
  10. Erich Neuhold
  11. Ram Duvvuru Sriram
  12. Bhavani Thuraisingham
  13. Li Xiong



















Reminders – Fellow Evaluating Committee members must be current (2024) members of the IEEE Computer Society and complete Legal and Compliance training by December 31, 2023 and attend mandatory SC/C-FEC orientation sessions in January /February 2024.

Note:  Alternates will be notified of their change of roles by end of February 2024.  We appreciate your willingness to serve this year!

Last update 02/26/2024

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Meet our IEEE Fellows

Each year, dozens of outstanding IEEE Computer Society members receive the distinction of becoming an IEEE Fellow.

The selection of the 2024 IEEE Fellow Class evaluated by the IEEE Computer Society has been announced!

Looking for the new full 2024 IEEE Fellow Class, pdf? Please visit the IEEE site.

Newly elevated IEEE Fellows are announced shortly after the fourth quarter IEEE Board of Directors meeting, normally scheduled in late-November of each year.

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