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2021 Standards Activities Board

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Standards Committees

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SAB-Sponsored Projects

  • Knowledge graph standards:
    P2807 Entity Framework of Knowledge Graphs
    P2807.1 Entity Standard for Technical Requirements and Evaluation of Knowledge Graphs
    P2807.2 Entity Guide for Application of Knowledge Graphs for Financial Services


    AI standards:

    P2830 Entity Standard for Technical Framework and Requirements of Shared Machine Learning
    P2840 Individual Standard for Responsible AI Licensing
    P2841 Entity Framework and Process for Deep Learning Evaluation
    P2842 Entity Recommended Practice for Secure Multi-party Computation
    P2863 Individual Recommended Practice for Organizational Governance of Artificial Intelligence


    Smart city standards:

    P2850 Entity Standard for an Architectural Framework for Intelligent Cities Operation System
    P2858 Entity Standard for Mini-program Architecture and Technical Requirements
    P2888.1 Individual Specification of Sensor Interface for Cyber and Physical World


    3D imaging standards:

    P3079 Individual Standard for Head Mounted Display (HMD) Based Virtual Reality (VR) Sickness Reduction Technology
    P3079.1 Individual Placeholder
    P3079.2 Individual Placeholder
    P3333.1.1 Individual Standard for Quality of Experience (QoE) and Visual-Comfort Assessments of Three-Dimensional (3D) Contents Based on Psychophysical Studies
    P3333.1.2 Individual Standard for the Perceptual Quality Assessment of Three Dimensional (3D), Ultra High Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Contents
    P3333.1.3 Individual Standard for the Deep Learning-Based Assessment of Visual Experience Based on Human Factors
    P3333.1.4 Individual Standard for the Quality Assessment of Light Field Imaging


    Internet of Food standards:

    P2796 Entity Standard for Framework for the Internet of Food (IoF)
    P2796.1 Entity Standard for Data Requirements for Internet of Food (IoF) Systems
    P2796.2 Entity Standard for Data Exchange Architecture and Interface Requirements for Internet of Food (IoF) Systems



    P1599 Individual Recommended Practice for the Definition of a Multilayer Representation of Music Using eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

SAB Policies and Procedures

  • SAB P&P for Board Activities (PDF)
  • SAB P&P for Standards Development (PDF)
  • Baseline P&Ps for a Standards Committee (HTML)
  • Baseline P&Ps for an individual-based WG (HTML)
  • Baseline P&Ps for an entity-based WG (HTML)

SA Policies and Procedures

  • IEEE-SA Standards Board By-Laws (HTMLPDF)
  • IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual (HTMLPDF)
  • Summary of changes approved by SASB/BOG in 2013 (PDF)
  • IEEE-SA Guidance on Standards Preparation and Editing (HTML)
  • IEEE-SA Guidance on Standards Development (HTML)

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