Richard I. Tanaka

1965–1966 IEEE Computer Society President
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Richard I. Tanaka had a long, successful career as chief executive officer, president, and board member of technology companies facing growth, financial turn-around, expansion to international markets, business redefinition, and major shifts in product and market positioning. He served as a Board member of Unisolve (acquired by Microsoft), CEO of V-Systems (acquired by Esker, President of Lundy Electronics, Chairman, CEO and President of Scan-Optics, CEO and Director of Systonetics, and SVP of CalComp. He holds a B.Sci and M.Sci in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Berkeley, a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the California Institute of Technology where he was also a Howard Hughes Fellow.

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1965–1966 IEEE Computer Society President
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