Chapter Resources
Information for chapters that want to request Distinguished Visitor Program speakers, groups that want to start chapters, and students interested in awards and contests.

To learn more about Chapters benefits and resources, view the Chapters Learning Webinar. If you have any questions regarding Chapter Resources, please contact Kerry Cosby.


Forming a Chapter & Chapter Funding


  • Want to start a chapter?  Please visit our Start a Chapter page to learn more.
  • Want to file for a reimbursement?  Newly created Computer Society chapters can be reimbursed for chapter expenses (when approved by the local chair) up to $150.
    Please submit the Chapter-Funds-Request-Form (Excel file) to
  • Want your chapter to share in membership revenue? Send the IEEE Computer Society the attendee lists from your chapter events, and if the non-members on that list join the Society (with a specified payment code), at the end of the year your chapter will receive 20% of the revenue from that membership.

Submit your attendance sheets to or us our Template-for-Chapter-Meeting-Sign-In.docx


More Support for Chapters

  • Each Section Chapter should receive a minimum of $200 from their Section. Additional funding is at sections discretion and chapters may need to submit a budget or meet other requirements to receive it.
  • The Computer Society will also fund the travel of speakers from our Distinguished Visitor Program to visit both Student and Professional Chapters. This program is by application. (link to DVP)


Awards & Contests




Distinguished Visitor Program



Software and Services for Student Chapters

In addition to your campus experience, IEEE Computer Society offers student members many programs, products and services designed to move your career forward such as:


IEEE Computer Society Brand Guide

View the new IEEE Computer Society Brand Guide to see our basic usage guidelines for IEEE Computer Society branding and how to utilize them to create consistent communications.


Microsoft Software Suite – As of 28 Feb 2015, the IEEE Computer Society no longer offers access to the Microsoft Software Suite.

Access to Microsoft software is only available to students directly from Microsoft Dreamspark.

Questions should be directed to the Microsoft Regional Service Center at 866-643-9421.


Connect, Contribute, and Collaborate in Communities

  • Connect in 300+ local IEEE Computer Society chapters.
  • Access more than 40 technical communities.
  • Make professional contacts.