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Bodies of Knowledge

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBoK)

This guide represents the elements of the software development life cycle with context and relevance on how it fits into projects as a whole.

Read the objectives and what you will learn. The guide was reviewed by over 150 professionals in 33 countries, ensuring a thorough and accurate representation of effective software engineering.

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Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK)

A thorough introduction to the cross-disciplinary world of systems engineering for those interested in learning its scope and lifecycle. This 7-part guide covers 25 separate knowledge areas (KAs) in systems engineering, as well as a graduate reference curriculum.

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Enterprise Information Technology Body of Knowledge (EITBoK)

A collection of high-level knowledge areas (KAs) that are required for successful Information Technology (IT) services operations, vital to all businesses and enterprises.

This collection covers the basics of enterprise-level needs, including: cybersecurity; change initiatives; disaster preparedness; and more.

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Online Courses

Browse the comprehensive library of educational offerings and search by technical area, topic, or product type. We offer courses for all career levels-early, mid and advanced.

Customers have 1 year to complete the course(s) from the date of purchase.

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For those looking to prove their knowledge as software developers, we offer three (3) certification programs for both junior and advanced developers. Adding a certification from the world’s leading society in computing ensures your knowledge is recognized by employers world-wide.


If you’re having trouble, or not sure if you’re ready to get certified, try out our online courses in software development. These can help build your knowledge and confidence.

More Learning Opportunities


Go in depth on topics like machine learning, blockchain, big data modeling, Moore’s Law, cyber-physical security and more through our Distinguished Lecturer and Standards Activities Webinars.


IEEE Computer Society hosts 195+ conferences worldwide in our mission to increase cooperation and innovation in computing. Whether your specialty is in computer vision, high-performance computing, or hardware security; find the right partner at an upcoming conference.


An informal way to stay up to date with current technology and trends is listening to one of our podcasts. Volunteer-run, these podcasts are put together by passionate professionals in computer science and engineering. Listen to the latest SE Radio or Security and Privacy Podcast.

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926,000+ articles and peer-reviewed research can be found throughout our library of magazines, academic journals and conference proceedings.

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