Available DVP Speakers in Asia and Pacific
IEEE Region 10 chapters interested in the speakers below should refer to the general guidelines for the DVP.



Mohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassim



Mohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassim  (2018–2020)
Wireless Sensor Network in Precision Agriculture Application
Applications of WSN in Agricultural Environment Monitoring Systems
A 7-level Smart Home System for the XY Generation




Tulika Mitra



Tulika Mitra  (2018–2020)
Behind the Scenes of the Internet-of-Things Revolution
Mobile Heterogeneous Computing: A Software Perspective
Accelerators for Smart IoT Devices




Anirban Sengupta



Anirban Sengupta  (2019–2021)
Anti-Piracy Aware IP Chipset Design for Integrated Circuits
Protection of IP-Core Designs for Integrated Circuits
Hardware Security of Integrated Circuits: Threat Models and Defense against IP Trojans and IP Piracy




Zhi Jin



Zhi Jin  (2019–2021)
Environment Modeling-based Requirements Engineering
Engineering Fine-grain Dependability Requirements
How to Figure out a Competitive Research Project Proposal




Madhusudan Singh


Madhusudan Singh  (2019–2021)
Blockchain for Secure Intelligent Environments
Cyber Security for Symbiotic Vehicular Networks
Transformation of Physical Era: Cyber Physical System





CRS Kumar



CRS Kumar (Suthikshn Channarayapatna)  (2019–2021)
Introduction to IEEE SWEBOK
Ransomware: Emerging Threats to Cyber Security
Software Fault Tolerance




Amlan Chakrabarti



Amlan Chakrabarti (2020–2022)
Machine Learning for IoT Analytics
Task Scheduling and Hardware Design in Reconfigurable Space
Quantum Computing- Harnessing Power of Atomic States for Accelerated and Secure Computing





M Sohel Rahman



M. Sohel Rahman (2020–2022)
Prediction based on biological sequences (where Machine Learning meets Life Sciences)
An agent-based model to examine the impact of Malaria vector control interventions
What Metaheuristics can do for you





Athman Bougettaya




Athman Bouguettaya (2020–2022)
From IoT Data to Services
Taming Big Data
Workshop on Writing for (top) Computer Science Journals



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