Distinguished Visitors Available for Online and Travel Funded by Chapters
Distinguished Visitors who have completed their terms of eligibility for travel funded by the Distinguished Visitors Program are listed here available for virtual presentations and travel funded by the inviting chapter.

United States and Canada (Regions 1 – 7)

Fawzi Behmann

Fawzi Behmann (2017-2019)
Advancement of IoT and impact on the future of Healthcare and Wellness
Virtualization – a key driver for 5G and IoT
Internet of Things (IoT) – Innovative Applications for Smart, Connected Homes and Buildings
Cybersecurity and Cloud Technology
The Future of Collaborative Internet of Things




Mark Paulk


Mark Paulk (2017-2019)
Investing in Software Process Improvement: An Executive
Software Process Improvement in Small Organizations and Small Projects
Agile Methodologies and Process Discipline
People Issues: The “Soft Side” of Software Process Improvement
Practices of High Maturity Organizations
Mature Software Project Management



Yuri Quintana



Yuri Quintana (2017-2019)
Global eHealth for collaborations in bioinformatics: New models for electronic healthcare delivery and new collaboration platforms for global biomedical research
eCare: New models for health services and collaboration among patients, families and professionals




Michelle Thompson



Michelle Thompson (2017-2019)
Algorithmic composition of music
An Open Source protocol for amateur radio satellites





David West


David West (2017-2019)
Building High Performance Teams With Scrum
Scaling Agile Product Delivery with Nexus – It is Turtles all the way down
Scrum Turns 21, are we done yet
Who is the Product Owner Anyway?




Europe, Africa and Middle East (Region 8)

Marcello Caleffi



Marcello Caleffi (2017–2019)
Biological Computing: Building Chips with Living Organisms
Toward Practical Quantum Computing





Seifedine Kadry



Seifedine Kadry (2017–2019)
Smart Learning in Smart Cities
Social Network and Graph Analysis
E-based systems and computer networks




Sherif Sakr


Sherif Sakr (2017–2019)
Big Data 2.0 Processing Engines
Large Scale Graph Processing Systems
Big Data Science as a Service
Data Analytics for Healthcare Services





Latin America (Region 9)

Alejandro Bianchi


Alejandro Bianchi (2017–2019)
Applying Software Architecture Techniques to Anchor System Evolution Roadmaps
Software Architecture Centric Development: Aligning Products, Processes and Teams Work
Digital Transformation: A Technology Framework for Success





Nicolas Paez


Nicolas Paez (2017–2019)
Modern Extreme Programming
From Legacy code to Continuous Delivery
DevOps, myths and facts of a new paradigm






Asia and Pacific (Regions 10)

Sandeep Kumar Shukla



Sandeep Kumar Shukla (2017–2019)
Smart-Grid: Where Embedded Computing, Communication and Power Systems Meet
Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures: A Case for a Schizoid Design Approach
Cyber Security Landscape and the Urgent Need for Cyber Manpower Development




Geoff Webb



Geoff Webb  (2017–2019)
Learning from non-stationary distributions
Scaling log-linear analysis to datasets with thousands of variables
Scalable learning of Bayesian network classifiers
Finding Interesting Patterns




Fakhrul Yusoff



Fakhrul Yusoff  (2017–2019)
Adaptation of Enjoyment in Learning through Gamification
Visual Aid and Waiting Room