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Content Analysis (from contents to semantics) structured data image and video audio and speech user-generated content big data natural language deep learning ​​Description and Integration (of data and services) semantics description languages ontology integration interoperability Use of Semant...
Laguna Hills, California, USA
Software architecture research and practice
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
State of the Art Research and Applications in Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces
Christchurch, New Zealand
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The technology we rely on today all started in the minds of creative innovators collaborating together; be it in a university laboratory, a company’s conference room, a cafe, or an unexpected location. IEEE Computer Society conferences aim to bring today’s creative minds together in one place to create tomorrow’s innovations.

With 215+ conferences a year covering topics like machine learning, blockchain, cyberthreats, high performance computing, and countless other important topics, technologists can find comfort that they will find the right people to collaborate and network with.

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