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The Computer Society supports 200+ conferences every year with a range of services, including initial planning and budgeting, contract negotiations, proceedings, and certified meeting professionals on site.

Organizing a conference is no easy task; however, bringing together thought leaders to discuss and present their insights can be among the most rewarding volunteer opportunities anyone can perform.

If you’re considering launching a new conference, workshop, or symposium in your technical specialty, or just making sure your team is putting their best foot forward, the IEEE Computer Society has the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

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Virtual and Hybrid Event Organizer Resources: Virtual Conference Resource Guide | Hybrid Conference Option Recommendations | Communication Templates for Virtual Events | FAQs for Covid-19 and Event Interruptions

Conference Development Solutions: Conference & Event Services | Conference Publishing Services | Conference Registration Services | Sponsorship Collective | Enhanced Marketing Services | Exhibit Sales and Sponsorships | Design Services

Promotional Resources: IEEE Computer Society Brand Guide | Conference Marketing Tool Kit | Conference Marketing Support | Certificates | SEO Tips for Conference Websites

Conference Organizer Policies and Best Practices: Policies | Sales Tax Resources | Conference Organizer Roles and Responsibilities | Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices | IEEE Computer Society Code of Conduct Violation Reporting Process for Conferences | Industry Engagement

More Quick Links: Find Your Planner | Success Stories | Conference Calendar | Conference Organizer FAQs


Host a Conference

The IEEE Computer Society offers three (3) hosting options: Financial Sponsorship, Financial Cosponsorship, and Technical Cosponsorship.

All forms of sponsorship require endorsement through one or more of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committees (TCs), which broadly represent the range of technical topic areas.

Financial Sponsorship

When the IEEE Computer Society is the full financial sponsor, it accepts all financial and legal liability and owns all assets. General and finance chairs should complete the application 12 months ahead of the meeting to allow time to obtain Technical Committee approvals and endorsements, negotiate and approve contracts, and promote the event.

Financial Cosponsorship

Financial co-sponsorship is where the IEEE Computer Society shares in the financial and legal liabilities and assets with another nonprofit organization or IEEE Society as outlined in an MOU or steering committee charter. The IEEE Computer Society share shall be at least 50 percent for new meetings. Advance loans and surpluses or losses are shared in proportion to the commitment.

Technical Cosponsorship

Technical Cosponsorship (TCS) is where IEEE Computer Society volunteers and members actively participate in the meeting’s technical program committee, but the Computer Society accepts no financial or legal liability for the meeting.

You can use the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society logos to indicate technical sponsorship, and your conference will be listed in the IEEE Computer Society conference calendar, but you may not use ‘IEEE’ in the conference name.

In addition, the conference dates must not overlap IEEE conferences in the same subject area. You will also need a Statement of Benefits from the appropriate Technical Committee or Council. Contact for more information on Technical Cosponsorships.

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Planning Services

IEEE Computer Society technically and/or financially sponsored Conferences & Event Services can request professional meeting planning services from start to finish. We partner with your organizing committee to bring your conference goals to life. Let us apply our expertise and strategic guidance to help ensure the success of your conference.

Contact your assigned meeting planner for more information on any and all services listed below.

Professional Planning Services are available for:

  • Dedicated Conference Planner
  • Pre-Planning Conference Logistics
  • Timeline Creation and Development
  • Site Selection Services
  • Hotel, Venue, and Vendor Contracting
  • Event Registration Services (Contact for a quote!)
  • Food and Beverage Planning
  • Audiovisual and Production Planning
  • Hotel Room Block Management
  • Conference Financial Support and Contracting
  • Budget Creation, Assistance, and Management
  • Skilled Negotiation and Contracting (Leverage IEEE’s buying power!)
  • Invoicing and Bill Payment Assistance
  • On-site Event Logistical Management
  • Liaison with hotel and vendors
  • Meeting Space Logistics (Including room set-up and audiovisual details!)
  • On-site Conference Registration Management
  • Assistance with student volunteer management
  • Special Event Venue Lead (off-site conference banquet)
  • Transportation Needs Management, if applicable (Including group transportation)
  • Conference Marketing Support

Not sure where to start or what your event needs? We’ve compiled this Virtual Conference Resource Guide to help organizers.

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Concierge Publishing Services

Put your conference on the map and on a mobile app and ebook when you partner with the IEEE Computer Society’s Conference Publishing Services. Your conference papers deserve the widest possible exposure and recognition. We offer capabilities that no other publishing service can match.

CPS is the world’s foremost production and publishing operation for STEM conferences. With 24/7 availability, CPS puts the customer first. We specialize in conference content from production to publication in the prestigious IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.

A professional CPS editor can assist you with paper collection and validation, copyright collection, and graphic design for your conference publication. We also offer services for your collateral and conference apps. We excel at custom solutions. Let us ease the demands of your publishing requirements.

Note: We also offer sponsored conferences the opportunity to promote their call for papers on our website. Submit your marketing support request here for assistance. Please allow up to 10 to 14 business days prior to complete your request.

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General and Enhanced Marketing

The Computer Society would like to help in promoting your sponsored conference. We can help promote events through our various social media channels, magazines, and digital advertisements.

For those who just need a little help with designing any item for the conference, learn about our Design Services.

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Marketing Promo Kit

Want to promote your conference on your own, but not sure how to? Access our Conference Promo Kit, which includes marketing ideas, tools, resources, and templates to help you start promoting your conference today.

The Conference Marketing Tool Kit is another great resource to help your team promote your conference. It covers important considerations like connecting with your audience, website best practices, marketing collateral, and other resources like post-event surveys.

Note: We also offer sponsored conferences the opportunity to promote their call for papers on our website. Submit your marketing support request here for assistance. Please allow up to 10 to 14 business days prior to complete your request.

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Brand Guide

The IEEE Computer Society Brand Guide (PDF) provides basic usage guidelines for IEEE Computer Society branding and how to utilize them to create consistent communications.

Guidelines and logos for download are available only for IEEE Computer Society sponsored conferences.

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These policies guide our sponsored conferences. We encourage all conference organizers to familiarize themselves with these policies.

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Sales Tax

Sales Tax Exemption and VAT

The Computer Society is sales tax exempt in the 18 States listed below. Please consider the benefits of sales tax exemption in these states when beginning site selection.

More information is available on US Sales Tax Exemptions (IEEE) and you can review exemption certificates.

  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

For international conferences, some countries require VAT or GST payments.

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Industry Engagement

Engaging industry in academic conferences is a win-win experience for both academia and industry.

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Organizer Roles and Responsibilities

  • General Chair: Responsible for overseeing and coordinating the conference as well as selecting the conference location and appointing the chairs of the other committees.
    Ultimately responsible for the success of the all aspects of the conference, program/content, finances, etc.
  • Finance Chair and Treasurer: Responsible for the financial validity of the conference. Creates and manages the conference budget as well as responsible to issuing payments,
    creating financial reports and closing a conference within the allotted timetable. Also responsible for the final audit, if required.
  • Program Chair: Ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program is organized and presented at the conference. Handles the Call for Papers through the selection and review of
    every paper. Assists in the scheduling of session rooms at the conference venue.
  • Publications Chair: Responsible for the coordination of production of conference content (e.g., papers from special tutorial sessions or colloquia, summaries of conference papers,
    programs, etc.) and serves as the point of contact for all IEEE Xplore submission-related inquiries before and after the conference.
  • Publicity Chair: Promotes the conference through placements in various publication calendars and advertisements in IEEE and non-IEEE publications and news media. May also
    develop and manage the website and any social-media applications.
  • Registration Committee: Plans and runs conference registration (both advance and onsite) procedures and logistics, including handling of credit card fees, cancellation policy, and
    creation of name badges; or, it manages a registration-management company.
  • Exhibits Committee: Ensures proper handling of contracts, floor space, exhibitor registration, security, and other logistics; or, it manages an exhibits-management company.

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Conference Calendar

IEEE Computer Society hosts many of the computing world’s premier technical conferences. Our nearly 200 conferences, workshops, and symposia provide venues for keeping abreast of new tech and building professional relationships.

Search the calendar for conferences in your field.

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A blank certificate template (.pptx) is available only for IEEE Computer Society sponsored conferences.

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How can I find my assigned meeting planner?

Find the technical committee sponsoring your conference on this list and refer to the assigned conference planner.

Does IEEE Computer Society provide support for contracting and site selection?

We will be happy to work with you to accommodate your preferences for location, facilities, and vendors. However, IEEE will not honor contracts entered into by individuals who are not legally authorized to do so by IEEE. Please contact your assigned conference planner or email

Where can I access the most recent Technical Meeting Handbook?

You can access the most recent Technical Meeting Handbook here.

Where can I find more information on conference closings?

Please email

Can I submit an application for financial sponsorship three years in advance?

If a conference has previously been approved for Computer Society financial sponsorship and, in prior consecutive instances, has not closed in a deficit, organizers can now submit conference information up to three years in advance. For more information, contact your assigned conference planner or email

Is there a listing of all IEEE Computer Society conferences?

Yes, you can browse the upcoming conferences schedule in our conference calendar.


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