Available DVP Speakers in Latin America
IEEE Region 9 chapters interested in the speakers below should refer to the general guidelines for the DVP.



Andre Gradvohl


Andre Gradvohl (2018–2020)
The Convergence between Computing and Astronomy: The Case of the Space Weather Forecasting
Technologies, Research and Challenges for Distributed Systems for Data Stream Processing
Security Aspects in the Internet of Things and Wearable Computing





Carlos Henrique Cabral Duarte


Carlos Henrique Cabral Duarte (2018–2020)
Rigorous Model Based Development of Distributed Systems
The Influence of Normative Technical Requirements on IT Businesses
Digital Transformation and Software/Requirements Engineering





Luis Felipe Herrera-Quintero


Luis Felipe Herrera-Quintero (2019–2021)

Applying IoT Solutions in the Scope the Cities: Producing Smart Scenarios
Embedded Computing towards the Creation of Services in the Scope of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Smart Cities from an Ideal Perspective to a Real Perspective, it is Possible to Implement It





Eldon Caldwell



Eldon Caldwell (2020–2022)

Caldwell-t Algorithm Validation: Alternative Proposal to the Solution of Gupta for the Sequencing of Activities in Processes of Slender Development of Software with Critical Chain Approach
Designing a Cyber-physical Robotic Platform for a Speech-Language Therapy




Enrique V. Carrera



Enrique V. Carrera (2020–2022)

Machine Learning Techniques for Radar Target Detection
Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms Applied to Control Systems
Signal Processing for Machine Learning