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By Sri Peruvemba
Seismic changes are coming to display technology for 2021. As we enter this coming decade, devices will be smarter, compact, and more portable. From AI to phones and vehicles, display tech will alter the way we work, live, and play.
By Sri Peruvemba
For many of us, going to school meant filling backpacks and school lockers with big piles of books and binders overflowing with notebooks. Even today, most schools rely on traditional textbooks that are frequently outdated by the time they’re researched, written, printed and circulated. Budget-strained schools are faced with buying…
By Marty Shindler
Display Week has become one of my favorite trade shows and conferences. It is of reasonable size and is future thinking in a technology sector with a vast ecosystem of companies which impacts all of us in one way shape or form on both a daily and continuous basis.
By Marty Shindler
Tech conferences are an opportunity to glimpse through the looking glass into the future. The Society for Information Display (SID) annual Display Week is no exception. Since the dawn of the century, displays in the age of consumer electronics have grown in size from small early phones and very early smartphones to much larger displays. Early plasma HDTVs were limited in size due to manufacturing challenges and in the field of view that they achieved.
By Sri Peruvemba
Exciting technology advances continue to emerge, seemingly nonstop, enabled both by those at the cutting edge of high-tech, and by those who are adapting those developments to make them useful in our everyday world. The list below reflects my somewhat subjective view of the current top 10 overall tech trends,…
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