COVID-19 Related Research
Second only to our first line respondents, tech is our greatest weapon against COVID-19. Below, find a collection of stories that illustrate innovative tech applications and collaboration in action. New stories will be added to this section as they unfold.

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Over the past few weeks, businesses of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions have had their daily operations upended by the coronavirus. For some, it’s meant finding new ways to handle retail operations.
Right now, no matter where you live in the world, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is likely forcing changes to your everyday life. The same is true for businesses of all stripes, who have had to adjust on the fly.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can offer real help against COVID-19. Neosperience created a team of experts working with our technologies to develop screening algorithms that support the health system.

Recent Articles

By IEEE Computer Society Team
Access the InTech Forum Presentation by featured keynote speaker, Dr. Noubar Afeyan, chair of Moderna, presented on – “Moderna, Pandemic Vaccines, and the Path to Health Security”
By Kevin Anderton
Recently IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity, released the results of a survey about the most important technologies in the coming year.
By Leah Fainchtein Buenavida
Unlike times of past pandemics, today we are equipped with an increasing number of technological advances and innovations. The technology of today helps preserve human connections, and enables remote education and work. Many industries suffer, but many remain viable. It is technology that enables this level of economical continuation. 
The IEEE Use Case – Criteria for Addressing Ethical Challenges in Transparency, Accountability, and Privacy of CTA/CTT – offers insights as to how CTA/CTT may demonstrate greater ethical transparency, accountability, and privacy using a generic suite of ethical verification criteria to industry, regulators, and innovators around the world.
By Andrej Kovačević
The tech industry is coming to grips with a situation that seems to evolve by the minute. It's reshaping the IT labor market in ways that are only now starting to come into focus. Here's a look at what some of the early workforce data shows and what effects that might have on the near future of the IT industry.
By Larry Alton
While people across the world are in self-isolation under stay-at-home orders imposed by public officials, tech companies are scrambling to bring support – and a sense of normalcy – to the economy.
By Aaron Orlowski
A new machine learning tool developed by UCI Health physician-scientists and researchers across the UCI campus is already helping doctors with that decision by making data-driven assessments of the probable severity of a patient’s condition.
SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM) announced today that, together with Omron Electronics Korea, it developed a 5G-powered autonomous robot to enable a systematic and efficient response against the coronavirus.
By Sue DeGram
/ -- Adaptive Computing is now making HPC access available for anyone working on COVID-19 related projects. Adaptive’s NODUS Cloud OS solution makes it simple to scale computing resources to your workloads and run compute intensive models and simulations from remote locations. Adaptive Computing is providing temporary software licenses to researchers and scientists who are currently working from home during the coronavirus pandemic on any project related to COVID-19.
By Anna Johansson
While the fight against COVID-19 continues, people and businesses are finding ways to help fight the virus.
IEEE Fellow Satyandra K. Gupta's team is perfecting a disinfecting robot while practicing social distancing in the lab. Properly disinfecting public spaces can help stop the spread of coronavirus, but cleaning crews are often not properly trained how to do so. Also, if the workers don’t wear personal protective equipment, they are at risk for infection.
Recently,HUAWEI CLOUD announced that they launched a global action plan to help customers around the world to fight COVID-19 with cloud and AI services. As part of this international action plan against the coronavirus, HUAWEI CLOUD will be providing free AI and cloud services and will be recruiting partners around the world to help fight this pandemic together.
COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge for the world, requiring everybody to work together. In response, Gerber Technology created a Global PPE Task Force and has since brought together more than 600 manufacturers, technology partners, and industry coalition partners to make PPE products available broadly around the world.
The coronavirus pandemic quickly overwhelmed the healthcare infrastructure of countries around the world. In the United States, for instance, the situation was exacerbated by the initial release of faulty test kits, which subsequently resulted in an inability to accurately screen potential patients for the disease. 
WellAI data scientists released a novel software application for COVID-19 researchers based on machine learning algorithms able to read and summarize vast amounts of medical literature. This artificial intelligence-powered application, available at, can help scientists quickly find promising research pathways related to COVID-19 based on any set of medical concepts. It outlines possible research opportunities and shows the research studies that were used by the model to generate the suggestion.
Keeleg is pleased to announce the public launch and offer of free access to its AI-powered, self-help immigration legal tool in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Every year, millions of people apply for legal permanent resident status, apply for naturalization to become U.S. citizens, or petition relatives to permanently immigrate to the United States of America. 
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