UC Irvine Develops a way to Help Doctors Make Decisions

News Provided By: UCI News
Aaron Orlowski
Published 06/04/2020
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With the influx of patients at hospitals, every second counts in the effort to save lives. Doctors are forced to make decisions in record time and are often spread thin. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine Health, physician-scientist and researchers decided to collaborate to develop a tool to help doctor’s make better decisions in these tough times.

The new tool uses machine learning to analyze the information in a Covid-19 patient’s chart – lab results, age, gender, body mass index and other factors and determine the likelihood that they will require intensive care treatment such as a ventilator.

Within 4 weeks, researchers were able to develop and test the tool at UCI Health hospitals. Read the study Close to 80 patients were analyzed using the new machine learning tool with success. Other University of California health facilities will begin to provide their patient data to improve the tool’s accuracy.

Read more on how UC Irvine plans to continue expanding access to the new prediction tool across Orange County, CA.