The 5G-Powered Robot being Used to Help Fight COVID-19

News Provided By: SK Telecom
Published 05/27/2020
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SK Telecom Covid-19 Robot


SK Telecom Sk Telecom collaborated with Omron Electronics Korea to develop a 5G-powered autonomous robot to start fighting against Covid-19.

The new robot is meant to be used in lobbies and public areas to enforce numerous measures to combat Covid-19. It is capable of screening guests’ temperature, alerting staff if someone measures above 99.5°F (37.5°C), disinfecting surfaces, and reminding guests to practice social distancing, all while using a 5G network.

The robot serves as a great example of new ways AI, IoT, and autonomous driving capabilities are being used to improve our lives, especially during the global pandemic. The technology even goes as far as to recognize individuals who are not wearing masks and will approach them with a reminder to wear one.

SK Telecom expects to offer their robot to international markets as early as 2021.

Read the press release here.