Conference Development Solutions: Exhibit Sales and Sponsorship Program

Our dedicated sales and marketing team is positioned to become an extension of your conference's sales efforts to create new revenue or increase exhibits and sponsorships.
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As conferences grow, opportunities to generate new revenue to underwrite conference expenses increase. However, the time and resources required to plan, market, and sell exhibit space and sponsorships are often untenable for volunteer committee members who already do so much.


Exhibit Sales and Sponsorship Program

The IEEE Computer Society’s marketing and sales team understands these challenges well -– and we can help conferences create new revenue while increasing exhibits and sponsorship revenue with our Exhibit Sales and Sponsorship Program. Our dedicated sales team is positioned to become an extension of your sales efforts and provide a focus on new sales, so that you can fully focus on your expertise.

  • We have established procedures in place to identify and reach out to your most desired sponsors.
  • We perform as an extension of your team, benefiting the overall experience for exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers.
  • We build on past sales efforts and can maintain continuity with exhibitors and sponsors.


Benefit from Our Experience

From our extensive knowledge and experience, we understand what exhibitors want from their participation and how they measure success.  Their success translates into revenue for your conference.

Your expanded exhibit sales and sponsorships will:

  • Promote higher industry participation and engagement
  • Provide more visibility and increased exposure for your conference
  • Supplement your existing exhibitors with our targeted sales efforts
  • Position your conference as an industry leader in front of tech-savvy organizations



Our success is your success.

Contact Michelle Tubb, to find out if your conference qualifies today!

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