Conference Development Solutions: Sponsorship Collective
Join our Sponsorship Collective and position your conference to take advantage of the Computer Society's professional sales services and management resources.

Unleash the Power of Your Conference with Top-Tier Sponsors and Exhibitors!

Imagine your conference bursting with excitement! Picture renowned companies showcasing their cutting-edge tech, attracting a global audience of industry leaders, and generating buzz that propels your event to new heights.

Stop picturing, start achieving! Partner with the Computer Society's world-renowned conferences, and watch your vision become reality. We're not just another sponsor-hunting platform; we're your conference success squad, dedicated to turning your event into a thriving hub for cutting-edge ideas and industry connections.

Here's how we'll banish your pain points:

  • Attendance blues? Our global reach attracts top minds, ensuring a vibrant conference atmosphere. You won't be battling empty seats; picture a room buzzing with engaged professionals.
  • Sponsor scarcity? Our prestigious reputation commands attention, drawing leading companies seeking to connect with influential attendees.
  • Marketing mayhem? We handle promotions and branding, maximizing your reach without straining your budget. Say goodbye to late-night social media scrambles and hello to a stress-free marketing plan.

But wait, there's more! You'll also join a supportive community of passionate volunteers and industry leaders, fueling your own professional growth. This isn't just about your conference; it's about your journey, too.

Ready to turn your conference dream into a reality? Contact us today! Don't let your event be another “same old, same old.” Unleash the magic with the Computer Society by your side.

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Sponsorship Types


  • Logo on conference website and in final program
  • ¼ page final program ad
  • ½ page final program ad
  • 1-page final program ad
  • Logo included in promotional emails
  • Meter sign/signage
  • Logo on conference tote bag
  • Logo on conference badge
  • Logo on conference badge lanyard


  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Coffee break


  • Roundtable/mentorship event
  • Reception
  • Banquet
  • 5-minute speaking opportunity
  • 10-minute speaking opportunity
  • 2-minute video

Student Activities

  • Recruitment forum
  • Roundtable/mentorship event
  • Poster session
  • Contests
  • Student reception/party

Young Professional/Affinity Events

  • Recruitment forum
  • Roundtable/mentorship event
  • Reception/party

Conference Program

  • Session room sponsor
  • Keynote sponsor
  • Panel sponsor
  • Track sponsor
  • 5-minute speaking opportunity
  • 10-minute speaking opportunity
  • 30-minute speaking opportunity


  • Dedicated table for table-top display