Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization Standards Activity Committee
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In 2003 the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board (SAB) recognized the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Standards Activity Committee (SAC) as the Computer / Simulation Interoperability (C/SI) SISO SAC Standards Committee.

C/SI sponsors three series of IEEE Standards:

In 2015 the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board (SASB) re-authorized C/SI for standards development. The C/SI SISO SAC Representative is SISO’s primary contact for all IEEE Standards activities. C/SI policies and procedures for standards development are valid thru 31 Dec 2020.

SISO is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of modeling and simulation (M&S) interoperability and reuse for the benefit of a broad range of M&S communities including developers, procurers, and users worldwide.


Standards Products shall be as general as possible, while still maintaining usefulness, to support the broadest community of current and future users.


Standards Products shall be established and changed only as necessary. They shall be prototyped and tested before being proposed for adoption to demonstrate their maturity.


Standards Products shall maintain the integrity of the existing product suite and the needs of the user.


Tutorials offered on these IEEE Standards series:

  • IEEE 1278 Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
  • IEEE 1516 High Level Architecture (HLA)
  • IEEE 1730 Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP)

C/SI SISO SAC Committee Members

  • Grant Bailey (Chair)
  • Dr. Curtis Blais (Vice Chair)
  • David Drake
  • Peggy Gravitz
  • John Hughes
  • Patrice Le Leydour
  • Clyde Smithson
  • Keith Snively
  • Michael Woodman

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