Cybersecurity & Privacy Standards Committee

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The IEEE Cybersecurity & Privacy Standards Committee (CPSC) is responsible for the standardization of cybersecurity and privacy standards in the IEEE. The cybersecurity focus includes, but is not limited, to cryptographic techniques, cyber incident management, identity management, IT system security evaluation, information security management systems, network security, security automation and continuous monitoring, supply chain risk management, software assurance, and system security engineering standards.

The privacy focus includes, but is not limited to, standardization associated with the identification of privacy risk and mitigation methods and technology. Emerging cybersecurity and privacy techniques and technologies as well as applying cybersecurity and privacy to emerging technologies are also expected to be important activities for CPSC. Lastly, the CPSC will collaborate with other IEEE standardization efforts that have cybersecurity and privacy elements as well as liaising with other standards development organizations involved with cybersecurity and privacy standards.

Committee Chair



  • CPSC Officers
  • Misbahuddin Mohammed (Chair, AMSE WG)
  • Ramesh Narayanan (Chair, BioSecWG)
  • Juan Deng (Chair, DLTWG)
  • Yukun Want (Chair, IFPPC WG)
  • Benjamin Smith (Chair, QuSEC WG)
  • Gregory Falco (Chair, S2CY WG)
  • Baoqi Yan (Chair, S2RS WG)
  • Paul Suhler (Chair, SISWG)
  • Siyu Gao (Chair, SSCS-WG)
  • Thomas Rivera (Chair, ZTSWG)

Working Groups