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By Lori Cameron
If you’re going to network like a pro, it makes sense to go to the pros to find out how it's done. Here are some tips from some of computing's top experts.
By Steve Habazin
The rise of the Internet and its permeating influence on our daily lives sees no limits. From personal social media engagement to how we do business, a lot is stored and done in “the cloud.” To think there’s an entire space dedicated to our virtual activities may have been unbelievable…
By Michael Martinez
Learn about IEEE Digital Reality Initiative and the new project on Reliable, Safe, Secure and Time Deterministic Intelligent Systems at ITSC 2019! IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Digital Reality Initiative recently launched a project on Reliable, Safe, Secure and Time Deterministic Intelligent Systems. Systems capable of making autonomous decisions based…
The IEEE Computer Society Global Chapter Summit brings together members from across the globe to engage with industry and academia, share insight, and encourage each other.
By Larry Alton
Many new tech entrepreneurs want to launch an app or platform that provides some measure of cloud functionality. It’s popular, convenient, and cost-effective, allowing you to sell a monthly subscription service instead of selling one instance of a product. On top of that, it grants you the ability to scale…
By Jon Peddie
A book everyone interested in big data and visualization should read We are awash in data. We know it, but it’s like the weather, we can’t manage it. We are struggling to get a grip on it, understand it, use it and exploit it, but it is being generated faster…
By Lori Cameron
Software experts predict AI, neural networks, testing, blockchain, and algorithms are among the next big things to create new, well-paying jobs in tech.
By Lori Cameron
We asked leading big data experts to tell us what graduates and job-seekers can expect in the coming years as big data experiences massive growth. Here's what they had to say.
By Ferrnando Valera
Industries such as automotive and medical devices are experiencing a unique transformation in adopting new technologies that are not yet clearly regulated. For example, the software in car brakes is heavily regulated, but the AI software that drives the entire car isn’t. Moreover, many IT organizations have taken advantage of…
By Dr. Jon Peddie
Trying to transition from CAD to Commodity PCs the company developed a great chip Artist Graphics founded 1979 by Horace and Robert Beale, in Minneapolis released their first add-in board, the Artist 1 in November of 1982, based on an NEC 7220 and sporting a gigantic 1024 × 768 resolution.…
By Lucy Manole
Tech companies, exceptionally big tech firms are compensating their employees particularly well. No wonder excellent salary package is one of the main factors why people look for tech jobs.
By David Nicol, Editor in Chief, IEEE Security and Privacy
The owner of a small firm responds to an email apparently from the company’s bank, but as a result of the interaction the company’s bank account is cleaned out, wired to an account in Eastern Europe. The purchasing manager of a large company opens a spreadsheet which proports to come…
By Bhavani Thuraisingham
The applications of Machine Learning techniques have exploded in recent years due in part to advances in data science and high-performance computing. For example, it is now possible to collect, store, manipulate, analyze and retain massive amounts of data, and therefore the Machine Learning systems are now able to learn…
By Lori Cameron
Not only will ASE 2019 reveal the latest AI-infused software innovations, but it will demonstrate exclusive automation and software tools that can help developers work smarter.
By Drew Hendricks
Check Facebook right now, and you’re likely to find a dozen videos vying for your attention. Which you watch depends on an enormous number of things: your mood, which color catches your eye, the company or individual who posted it, and more. But as far as performance video is concerned,…
By Rick Kuhn
Nearly 50 years have passed since the invention of the reference monitor concept for access control.  A fundamental building block of computer security, a reference monitor was conceived as a non-bypassable component that was tamper-proof, always invoked, and small enough to allow assurance of its correctness.  Inherent in this concept…
By Jeffrey Voas, FIEEE
Cybersecurity is an overused term.  It is aged. It is worn out.  It lacks technical meaning. It became popularized during decades of continuous, successful hacking events such as ransomware attacks, data breaches, network intrusions, spyware, etc. It became a well-known word to the general public through the media that reported…
By Anna Johansson
As a business owner, you can invest in the latest and greatest technology to keep your data safe and your systems secure. You can employ VPNs, firewalls, and end-to-end encryption to keep everything on lockdown. But no matter how much time or money you invest, the security of your organization…
By Anna Johansson
In 2019, using a secure internet network is more important than ever. Cybercriminals continually find new ways to gain access to personal information they later use or sell to others. If you’re not protected, your privacy is at risk. In theory, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a good way…
By Larry Alton
For IT management, few issues are more challenging or relevant than cybersecurity. And when it comes to CCTV and other forms of surveillance video footage, it’s important to implement a forward-thinking security plan to prevent confidential information and data from ending up in the wrong hands. CCTV as a Business…
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