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Active Calls for Participation

TCOS Seed Funding for Innovative Standards Efforts

The TAB Committee on Standards (TCOS) released the latest call for proposals to provide seed funding for projects initiating innovative standards efforts.

This call for proposals is for projects that begin no earlier than 1 July 2024 and end no later than 30 June 2025.

  • These awards are generally for up to US $10,000.
  • However, up to US $20,000 may be offered for new proposals that impact sustainability of the material universe (e.g., energy or climate change), or sustainability in the information universe (e.g. in internet safety, security, or usefulness).

Deadline and How to Apply for TCOS Seed Funding

To submit a proposal, complete the online (Smartsheet form) by 11:59 pm in your time zone, 7 April 2024. For additional information, see:

Questions? Contact TCOS Chair Edward Au at or Patrick McCarren, Society Executive Director, Industry Applications Society & Special Projects, at


Best practice sharing:  Standards and industry connection activities

Jointly hosted by the IEEE TAB Society and Council Review Committee (SCRC) and IEEE TAB Committee on Standards (TCoS).  Dr. Jyotika Athavale, President of IEEE Computer Society, and Mr. Nehad El-Sherif, Executive Board Member of IEEE Industry Applications Society, will present the best practices from their respective societies, followed by feedback and questions from attendees.


IEEE P3428™, Standard for Large Language Model Agents for AI-powered Education

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) invites you to participate in the Working Group for IEEE P3428™, Standard for Large Language Model Agents for AI-powered Education.

Why Get Involved

This standard provides:

  1. Agent Components: The building blocks and architectural elements that constitute an educational Large Language Model (LLM) agent.
  2. Agent Interoperability Protocols: A communication protocol for interaction between different LLM agents and other components in the educational ecosystem.
  3. Agent Life Cycle and States: Definitions of and standardized stages of deployment, operation, and retirement of educational LLM agents.
  4. Foundation Models and LLM Embedding Mechanisms: Guidelines for embedding and customizing foundation models within educational environments.
  5. Evaluation of Education LLM Agents: Metrics and benchmarks for assessing the effectiveness, efficiency, and ethical considerations of LLM agents in educational settings.

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Contact Details

IEEE P3428™ Working Group Chair:

IEEE SA Program Manager:

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