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By Gaurav Belani
Cybersecurity is all about staying ahead of threats rather than managing them later. Read on to know and prepare for the top cybersecurity threats that organizations will face in 2020.  
By Dave Oswill
When ensuring the successful deployment and adoption of a real-time streaming platform, system architects, data engineers, and security architects must address numerous challenges. This article highlights five such challenges that have the potential to negatively impact the usability, operation, maintenance, and security of the platform, as well as the data…
By Andrej Kovačević
Within technology circles, it’s not uncommon to encounter fierce debate about a variety of topics. In recent years, none have been more contentious than the battles over which cryptocurrency and blockchain pair will eventually come to dominate the rest. Since the beginning of the crypto wave, the clear consensus choice…
By Lori Cameron
IEEE VR brings together leaders, innovators, and influencers from around the world to disseminate the latest virtual reality research and advancements. Join us!
By Lori Cameron
The demand for the cloud—along with related fog and edge computing—has resulted in a corresponding demand for a workforce that can deliver top-tier services.
Connecting members worldwide, the Computer Society empowers the people who advance technology by helping individuals achieve goals at all stages of their professional careers.
By Lori Cameron
In keeping with IEEE's continued commitment to providing options to support the needs of all authors, IEEE is introducing an Open Journal for the IEEE Computer Society.  
By Lori Cameron
HOST 2020 facilitates much-needed discussions surrounding hardware-based security research and development, highlighting the latest innovations.
By Michael Martinez
The Air Force Science & Technology 2030 strategy is creating new opportunities for academia, large and small businesses, and other research organizations to turn their ideas into game-changing capabilities.
By Vladimir Getov
To find out, we must journey to the 1970s when the word “super” became fashionable with the newly introduced words “Superman," “supermodel," and "supermarket."
By Lori Cameron
We asked Jim O’Neill, CTO of Entegris, about the future of smart technology and what leaders in the semiconductor industry must change to meet the demands of 5G.
By Mehul Rajput
In the highly advancing and constantly changing technology environment, application security is no more an additional feature or an advantageous aspect of the application but has turned out as a necessity for the application to be a success in the market. For all the developers, app security remains to be…
By Drew Hendricks
The digital transformation has impacted nearly every industry.  Tech advances in the financial service industry, including banks and fintech enterprises, have led to fundamental changes in the way they operate. Nearly 72% of the U.S. population now has a smartphone.  The proliferation of mobile devices, along with smart devices in…
By Gilad Maayan
The increasing number of exploits, ransomware and lack of threat intelligence in organizations has resulted in a less effective endpoint threat detection and response. A recent Endpoint Security Report have shown that 42 percent of all endpoints are unprotected at any given time, and that 70 percent of security breaches originates in endpoints.
By Kayla Matthews
The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) technology happened extremely quickly. As it did, people began excitedly thinking about options for applying it to the medical sector and using it to expand the quality and availability of health care. However, rapidly developing technologies often bring challenges. The IoT, as it…
By Lori Cameron
ICSC 2020 will address semantic computing’s challenges, advance state of the art in semantic computing, identify emerging research, and define the future.
By Lori Cameron
We asked leading experts in the field of information technology to tell us what graduates and job-seekers can expect in the coming years. Here's what they had to say.
By Gaurav Belani
  Digital engineering has impacted almost industry over the last several decades, but the financial sector has ironic resisted some of this change. Local and regional banks continue to rely on human tellers and countless transactions continue to involve physical currency. Recently, a number of top fintech firms have begun…
By Larry Alton
As an organization within the healthcare industry, your business faces a number of distinct challenges with data, privacy, and security. In particular, you have to think through what it means to keep your data HIPAA compliant, all while ensuring your processes are efficient and cost-effective. Understanding the HIPAA Security Rule…
By Gilad Maayan
Companies of every size are attacked by cybercriminals everyday. Too many of these attacks end in a successful breach. In the first six months of 2019 alone, it’s estimated that 4.1 billion records were exposed. These breaches can have serious impacts on an organization; from regulatory fines to loss of customer trust and revenue. 
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