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By Robert Kolaski
Ethical issues surrounding data such as data privacy and theft have been on the rise. Data security continues to be something that all companies put on the forefront of their activities. The war for cybersecurity has been ongoing: and it seems that it will be ongoing for a while. As…
By Drew Hendricks
A customer service representative is integral to any company in every industry. They are the face of the brand, the liaison between the corporation and the individual, and as such, every business’ future rests on their success. If you’re friendly, passionate about helping others, knowledgeable, and patient, then you might…
By Dr. Jon Peddie
It is said about airplanes that the DC3 and 737 are the most popular planes ever built, and the 737, in particular, the best-selling airplane ever. The same could be said for the ubiquitous VGA, and its big brother the XGA. The VGA, which can still be found buried in…
An Industrial Technology Research Institute survey lists the 10 most crucial advanced technologies that will affect the Asian region by 2030.
By Larry Alton
At first glance, computer engineering and related fields may not seem like they have much to do with creativity. In our culture, we tend to draw a heavy line between fields related to math and/or logic and fields related to creativity—think of it as an external split between left-brained and…
By Anna Johansson
These days, it’s easy for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and other self-starters to get started with their own website. With a website builder, you can put together a web design based on a template, even if you have no previous web design experience. And thanks to built-in hosting services or external hosting…
By Larry Alton
Automation and AI are central to how we use computers today, and while these tools have made it possible for everyone from businesses to students to speed technical procedures, AI is becoming passé. According to technology experts, 2019 will see substantial growth in the area of deep learning accelerators, low-power…
IEEE Computer Society President Cecilia Metra welcomes readers to a newly designed website at Computer.Org.
By Khaled Assali
Many CIOs continue to search for that sweet spot when it comes to meeting the IT demands of their organization. They’re still skittish about trusting everything to the public cloud, yet they’re beginning to realize that in some cases, their own data center may be woefully inadequate for their needs.…
By Lori Cameron
An ambitious proposal to end the digital isolation of those in the developing world calls upon tech and government leaders to create sweeping reforms that ensure access to digital information as a human right.
By Zvonimir Bandic
Few can deny that the choke points for many of today’s increasingly sophisticated systems continue to be hardware cost and power consumption. It’s no surprise that system performance has tapered off for a lack of “architectural vision”. One way out of this dilemma has been the introduction of heterogeneous computing.…
By Dr. Jon Peddie
IBM for a long time offered two levels of display capabilities, one for general purpose business users doing word processing, database entry, and Lotus spreadsheets, and one for engineering users — the latter always having higher resolution, more expensive monitors and controllers. The IBM Professional Graphics Controller (PGC) Before the…
By Michael Martinez
An interview with Mark Harman: University College London professor, co-founder of search-based software engineering, Facebook London's Sapienz manager, and now IEEE Computer Society winner of the Harlan D. Mills Award. He's "a virtuous cycle of innovation, deployment, and further scientific discovery." He reveals how.
Dejan Milojicic, Hewlett Packard Enterprise distinguished technologist and an IEEE Computer Society past president, began the new year speaking with Chinese state-owned China Global Television Network (CGTN) about the society's recently released Top 10 Tech Trends for 2019.
By Michael Martinez
On November 22, 2018, Computer Society President Hironori Kasahara extended a commemorative recognition plaque to the society's Russia chapter and to the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of System Programming, marking the country's 70th anniversary in computer science.
By Michael Martinez
Dallas, Texas – For one week in November, the SC18 Supercomputing Conference that’s co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society became home to the world’s fastest temporary network. No complaints about slow WiFi, here. To become the Earth’s capital of connectivity, conference organizers laid fiber optic cable wherever necessary. That amounted…
By Michael Martinez
In 2017, Tencent and the Computer Society signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding under the society's Global Partner Program (GPP), securing their mutual interest in innovation and the development of technology. On December 7, 2018, Tencent officials discussed tech innovations with the society in Japan.
By Lori Cameron
The AI interviewer is so sophisticated that it will read your facial features, voice intonation, and word choices. Then it rates your personality on the Big Five Personality Traits scale: agreeableness, extroversion, neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness. Your next job offer could depend on it.
By Lori Cameron
It seems no corner of the earth is outside the sprawling reach of IEEE's influence, and that includes the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, which boasts strong programs in biotechnology and engineering. JKUAT's IEEE student branch recently held a highly successful membership drive.
See video, the ceremonial sake cask-opening ceremony, keynotes, an award winner, and other highlights from the 51st Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (Micro-51), which saw record attendance this year.
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