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By Anna Johansson
Whether you use third-party software or build your own applications, cybersecurity should be your top priority. Cybercriminals keep a close watch on every known vulnerability for popular software applications and can easily discover vulnerabilities in custom software.   Remote work makes vulnerabilities more dangerous If you’re like most businesses with…
By Martin Greenstein
Martin Greenstein, 75th Anniversary Contest Winner Every day, new information is added to the foundation of knowledge, leaving an indelible legacy and assisting us in improving the technologies that shape our future. In honor of the IEEE Computer Society’s 75th Anniversary, members were challenged to submit a short essay that…
By Dr. Jon Peddie
Reality Simulation Systems (RSSI) was founded in 1993 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Venture Creations, RPI’s incubator in Troy, NY by Mike Lewis. Lewis was a recent graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His pal and fellow graduate, Stephen (Steve) Morein graduated with him and was the lead designer of the chip.…
By Gaurav Belani
With the advent of the novel Coronavirus, remote working has become the new normal for most people on the planet. You’ll find both positive and negative feedback from workers on this new style of working. Overall, it proves that though it is somewhat difficult to get used to, remote working…
By IEEE Computer Society Team
The 2016 elections were not the first time we came across misinformation. In fact, it has a history of going back at least 200 hundred years as noted by President Thomas Jefferson in a letter, “nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.” This issue we face…
By IEEE Computer Society Team
Calling all advanced degree students and early career professionals interested in building entrepreneurial skills in neurotechnology! The NeuroDesign Entrepreneurs Workshop is an in-person, weekend event that explores healthtech entrepreneurship through the lens of neurotechnology, using the Biodesign approach. This workshop will prepare you for a career in neurotech startups and…
By Artsiom Balabanau
Cyber attacks pose a serious threat to any digital business. By using stolen credentials and compromised devices, hackers gain access to valuable information. Malefactors are becoming more and more cunning, finding loopholes in virtually any new technology. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that, by 2025, costs for IT security services will rise…
By IEEE Computer Society Team
While many companies are still talking about 2019’s rollout of 5G, others are already looking forward to the future. Today, Chinese smartphone brand OPPO released their first white paper by their pre-research team looking at the requirements, technologies, and system features for the next generation of 6G communication.    Download…
By Bob Blakley and Lorrie Cranor
In our inaugural episode of Over the Rainbow Podcast, hosts Lorrie Cranor and Bob Blakely talk with Susan Landau about her new book, People Count: Contact-Tracing Apps and Public Health, described by its publisher (MIT Press) as “an introduction to the technology of contact tracing and its usefulness for public…
This is your chance to learn more about our candidates, Nita Patel and Dimitrios Serpanos, prior to voting on Wednesday, 16 August. Sign up to attend the virtual town hall by providing some brief details below, and we will follow up with all pertinent information via email. Meet the Candidates…
By IEEE Computer Society Team
Get insights into current and future computer vision trends that will shape the industry in the years to come, predictions for 2021, including the direction of the industry and developments taking place now, and much more.
By IEEE Computer Society
New forum explores the problems and leading-edge technological solutions to Hate speech, Bias, Misinformation, Disinformation, Terrorism, Radicalization, and Exploitation through online communities. One of the defining issues of our time has been the fast-paced development of innovative and effective computing technologies that constitute truly societal-scale social media systems – and the equally large-scale impacts, good and bad, of those systems on day-to-day life.
By IEEE Computer Society Team
At their 15 June meeting, the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors approved the candidate slate for the 2021 election. 2022 President-Elect (2023 President) Nita Patel                   Dimitrios Serpanos 2022 First Vice President David Lomet              Riccardo Mariani…
By Larry Alton
Businesses have been buzzing about digital transformation for years now, as they shift services from legacy platforms to modern, agile solutions, but ultimately many are struggling to make progress. That’s because with so many business technology trends, a combination of distraction, perfectionism, and stagnation are holding businesses back from making…
By Matt Shealy
48% of companies claim that they plan to increase the amount of outsourcing they currently do in areas such as IT and Security, according to the 2020/2021 IT Outsourcing Statistics report.
By David Balaban
Nowadays, companies are constantly improving their cybersecurity policies and tools. They build SIEM systems, strengthen network perimeters, study network packets on the fly, and monitor the security posture in real-time. IT security is getting fully automated, the issue of unpatched software is getting resolved
By Alyse Falk
To begin with, let’s dig into the basics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. ML is a subset of artificial intelligence that serves to provide the machines with the ability to automatically learn and act based on previous experience. Machine learning involves the “implementation” of different algorithms including neural networks that help to solve the problems.
By IEEE Computer Society Team
Get insights into current and future computer vision trends that will shape the industry in the years to come, predictions for 2021, including the direction of the industry and developments taking place now, and much more.
By Jon Peddie
As the web becomes more visual, images and other rich media have become a major factor in page load time. According to HTTPArchive, in 2020 images made up as much as 50% of average bytes downloaded by web visitors. 
By Matt Shealy
As threats have evolved, so have defenses. In the past, we didn’t have enough insight or data to adequately predict, recognize, and prevent threats. Today, there’s plenty of information available. The hard part is weeding through the data to see the patterns and trends that indicate there may be a security issue looking.
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