2018 Editorial Calendar

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Computer Outlook Queue Issue e-Coaching for Health Mobile and Embedded Deep Learning Queue Issue Web Science
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Cybertrust in the IoT Age
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e-Coaching for Health (part 2)
50th Anniversary of Software Engineering (invite only) Resiliency in Cyber-Physical Systems
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Winners and Losers: Outcomes of IT Projects
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Government in the Age of Big Data and Smart Cities
Computing Edge Security and Privacy Artificial Intelligence Big Data / Analytics IoT Cloud Software Engineering Information Technology Virtual and Augmented Reality Healthcare Technology Microprocessor Technology Healthcare Technology Software Architecture
Annals History of Algorithms TBD TBD TBD


Track CFPs

The Rise of JavaScript

Intelligent Information Processing

Computational Science in Developing Countries

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Supercomputing-Enabled Advances in Science & Engineering

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The National Strategic Computing Initiative

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Evidence-Based Reasoning and Applications
Cloud Computing Queue Issue Queue Issue Cloud Reliability Biometrics-as-a-Service Convergence of IoT, Edge and Cloud Computing in Smart Cities Reengineering Cloud Data Centers
Computer Graphics & Applications Queue Issue Virtual and Augmented Reality Applied Vis Queue Issue Smart Cities TBD
Intelligent Systems General submisions Cybersecurity Summarization of Things TBD TBD TBD
Internet Computing

IoT-Enhanced Human Experience

Healthcare Informatics and Privacy

Connected and Autonomous Vehicls Evolution of Rack-Scale Systems Queue Issue Network Neutrality and its Impact on Innovation
IT Professional IT Pro 20th Anniversary Financial Technologies and Applications Cyberthreats and Security Queue Issue Queue Issue TBD

Automotive Computing

Hot Chips

Top Picks

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Approximate Computing

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Memristor-Based Computing TBD

New Signals in Multimedia Systems and Applications: Sensing and Understanding Human Behavior and Interactions

Vision and Language Integration Meets Multimedia Fusion

Multimedia Big Data Analytics in Technology Enhanced Learning

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Queue Issue
Pervasive Computing


Augmenting Humans

Securing IoT IoT Deployments


Software Safety and Security Risk Mitigation in Cyber Physical Systems


Actionable Analytics for Software Engineering

Release Engineering Microservices

Collaborative Modeling in Software Engineering


Managing Software Platforms and Ecosystems

50th Anniversary of Software Engineering

The Social Developer


Cloudware Engineering

Security & Privacy


Hacking without Humans

AI Ethics

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Blockchain Postquantum Cryptography, Part 2

Security and Privacy in Brazil

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