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Is freelancing in your future? The growth of the gig economy may have you asking yourself if it would be a good fit for you. Find out here.
By Sue DeGram
/ -- Adaptive Computing is now making HPC access available for anyone working on COVID-19 related projects. Adaptive’s NODUS Cloud OS solution makes it simple to scale computing resources to your workloads and run compute intensive models and simulations from remote locations. Adaptive Computing is providing temporary software licenses to researchers and scientists who are currently working from home during the coronavirus pandemic on any project related to COVID-19.
By Sourodip Biswas
The payments landscape has changed over time because customers are more exposed to newer, efficient, and more seamless payment modes than ever. This is one of the reasons why businesses have to walk with this ever-changing industry to allow their customers to experience the best and fastest services from your end. 
By Dr. Jon Peddie
The Coronavirus, COVID-19, has forced many of us, maybe most of us to work at home. For many workers, even some working in the tech industry, performing specific tasks at home can be difficult or require a special set up.
By Neal Leavitt
With literally hundreds of millions of Americans nationwide now sheltering in place because of the coronavirus, smart home security and automation is fast becoming an integral component of domestic life. The numbers substantiate this.  Zion Market Research says the global smart home tech market will be almost $54 billion by…
By Neal Leavitt
Understandably the world’s attention is currently focused on the coronavirus.  If you’re adhering to your country’s guidelines/protocols, you’re sheltering in place, keeping your distance when outside; in short, being smart and playing a part in helping to defeat this global scourge. At home, you’re probably using an array of gadgets…
Historically, women have been systematically excluded from higher education. Although we’ve made great progress in opening education to women in recent decades, there is still a great deal of work that remains to be done. This is especially true in the STEM fields, which see a great imbalance of male to…
By Anna Johansson
While the fight against COVID-19 continues, people and businesses are finding ways to help fight the virus.
By Kayla Matthews
For some, productivity is always a challenge. However, when you transition into remote work, staying productive can be an even more significant hurdle. If you want to maintain productivity while working from home, you need to follow a few steps. Whether you’re a student, researcher or any other kind of…
IEEE Fellow Satyandra K. Gupta's team is perfecting a disinfecting robot while practicing social distancing in the lab. Properly disinfecting public spaces can help stop the spread of coronavirus, but cleaning crews are often not properly trained how to do so. Also, if the workers don’t wear personal protective equipment, they are at risk for infection.
By Gilad Maayan
User experience is a crucial part of any website, platform, and mobile application. The goal is to make the experience positive, thus encouraging repeat usage until the desired call to action is achieved. Hyper personalization applies automation and smart insights for the purpose of serving each unique user customized content.
By Gaurav Belani
Web development has always been a dynamic segment with fast-changing trends and technology updates. Failure to keep up with these trends can adversely impact your online presence and bottom line. Further, such businesses are often unable to develop and maintain an enterprise-grade website that attracts customers and drives conversions. 
It’s National Volunteer Week in the US and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each of our 7,900 volunteers worldwide for their generous contributions to the CS and the computer science and engineering community! This past year alone, our IEEE Computer Society Volunteers have put together over…
While there is no equal substitute for face-to-face gatherings, the Computer Society delivers high-value learning opportunities accessible from any location. No matter where you are, you can access valued resources that propel your research, skillset, and knowledge base. Find resources that suit your needs. Free access to all Educational Courses on…
By Andrej Kovačević
In today’s digital world, networking technology is everything. It’s what makes the internet possible. It’s how businesses support sprawling multinational footprints. It’s even stitching together the appliances in our homes into one, smart, convenient fabric. For all of its importance, though, networking technology as a whole doesn’t tend to change…
Recently,HUAWEI CLOUD announced that they launched a global action plan to help customers around the world to fight COVID-19 with cloud and AI services. As part of this international action plan against the coronavirus, HUAWEI CLOUD will be providing free AI and cloud services and will be recruiting partners around the world to help fight this pandemic together.
By Rebecca Willis
As cloud platforms are becoming more popular by the minute, we are more and more exposed to the fact that these systems have plenty of security concerns. As computer scientists and systems architects, it’s our job to confront these problems and create safer products for consumers. Here are the four…
By Neal Leavitt
Countless companies and educational institutions are in R&D warp drive to quell the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. And they’re utilizing sophisticated AI and Big Data tools.
COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge for the world, requiring everybody to work together. In response, Gerber Technology created a Global PPE Task Force and has since brought together more than 600 manufacturers, technology partners, and industry coalition partners to make PPE products available broadly around the world.
The coronavirus pandemic quickly overwhelmed the healthcare infrastructure of countries around the world. In the United States, for instance, the situation was exacerbated by the initial release of faulty test kits, which subsequently resulted in an inability to accurately screen potential patients for the disease. 
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