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By Lori Cameron
Ian Foster, director of the Data Science and Learning Division at Argonne National Labs, is a pioneer in the field of distributed computing, having helped coin the term “grid computing,” the precursor for today’s field of cloud computing. We asked Foster about his accomplishments and future plans.
By Lori Cameron
As the tech revolution surges ahead in first world nations, a new player is emerging with the potential to surpass them all—Africa. It’s easy to see why. Africa has three advantages over developed nations when it comes to technological advancement.
The IEEE Computer Society Richard E Merwin Student Scholarship is one of the most prestigious recognitions available for graduate students, and those in the final two years of an undergraduate program in electrical or computer engineering, computer science, or a well-defined computer related field of engineering. Aravindhan Anbazhagan offers five tips on winning it.
By Lori Cameron
After she won the IEEE Computer Society 2019 Harry H. Goode Memorial Award, we caught up with Marilyn Wolf for a quick interview about her accomplishments and extensive work in the field of digital imagery and computer vision.
By Lori Cameron
As the software industry accelerates at breakneck speed, the global market is poised to reach one trillion dollars over the next decade. Until then, industry leaders face extraordinary challenges. Join us this September at the 35th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME) where experts will meet these challenges head on.
By Larry Alton
If you’ve started using a virtual private network (VPN), you might notice that your internet speed is slower than usual—or at least, slower than you’d like it to be. This is sometimes an unfortunate byproduct of a VPN’s most important features, but it doesn’t have to negatively impact your online…
By Donna Howard
User experience (UX) design is becoming more and more important as the need to stay connected to your audience grows. In the past, it was easy for companies to set themselves apart in uncompetitive fields with little in the way of design. Nowadays, however, every industry across the board has…
By Anna Johansson
It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are a big deal. By some estimates, within 15 years, automated algorithms and robots could take over approximately 40 percent of global jobs available to humans today. If you’re in the computer science or computer engineering industry, news of this…
By Lori Cameron
Laura Haas, winner of the IEEE Computer Society's 2019 Computer Pioneer Award, offers job advice and tech insight after 35 years at IBM and now as a dean of computer science.
By Dr. Jon Peddie
The age of proprietary graphics chips By the early 1990s the PC industry was still expanding and offering plenty of opportunity for all. IBM had lost its position of leadership and for a few years the market existed on commercial off the shelf (COTS) graphics chips from TI, and a…
By Lori Cameron
IEEE Computer Society's signature Conference on Computers, Software and Applications (COMPSAC 2019) will prepare industry leaders for the explosion in big data, a market expected to surpass 200 billion dollars next year.
By Lori Cameron
The field of "affective computing" is a fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar industry. Learn how to gain a competitive edge from Rosalind Picard, founder and director of the Affective Computing Research Group at the MIT Media Lab and creator of the branch of computer science known as affective computing.
By Drew Hendricks
Your business data is your greatest asset. If the data were to disappear tomorrow, could you confidently say nothing would be affected at your business, and everything would continue to run smoothly? Or would you find yourself in a state of sheer panic? The mere fact that these questions cause…
By Ashley Lipman
  For something to be agile, it must be able to move quickly and easily. In other words, efficient and effective movement that’s adaptable to changing scenarios. As such, it’s not surprising that Agile is the name of the project management method that software developers flock toward. When a project…
By Anthony Coggine
When hiring a product manager the interview questions have to be pointed in order to highlight their skills in the field. Firstly, it is important to understand their experiences and gauge their knowledge. Ask questions about their time working in the industry and the methods they employed when running the…
By Drew Hendricks
There are many reasons why one may need multiple email accounts. In fact, it is best practice to separate your emails when you have an online presence. You can choose to have one for each, personal and work life. The separation of email accounts is an effective way to prevent sending emails…
By Larry Alton
A bumpy sales process makes it hard to close deals fast. Most of those bumps can be smoothed out by using software to streamline the process. Here are six software applications that can help: 1. Salesforce Salesforce is the ultimate tool for managing your sales process. Salesforce comes with an…
  Aravindhan Anbazhagan is working as a development associate with Teach for India, a non-profit organization in the education sector. He is an active volunteer of IEEE and the recipient of the IEEE Computer Society Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship, MGA Larry K Wilson- Outstanding Asia-Pacific Student Volunteer Award, and EAB…
By Lori Cameron
Push-button interfaces are everywhere—microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, thermostats, printers, copiers, checkout terminals, kiosks, and remote controls. And while they afford most of us great convenience, they are largely inaccessible to people who are visually-impaired.
By Lori Cameron
This summer, one of the largest gatherings of computing professionals will converge on Milan, Italy for the 15th Annual SERVICES 2019 Congress (July 8-13) to address the challenges associated with services computing.
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