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Computer Outlook Queue Issue Queue Issue Queue Issue Cybersecurity for the Smart Grid AI in Government Blockchain: From Technology to Marketplaces Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence Blockchain and Cyber-physical Systems Queue Issue Queue Issue (Artificial) Intelligent Autonomous Systems
ComputingEdge Digital Transformation, Blockchain, IoT,
Automation, AI, Software, Edge Computing HPC, Machine Learning, Security and Privacy, AR/VR/MR Mobile Computing, Software, Big Data, Digital Transformation IoT, Ethics, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning AR/VR/MR, IT, Edge Computing, Automation  AI, Scientific Computing, IT, Quantum Computing Multimedia, Security and Privacy, Automation, Digital Transformation Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Software, Blockchain AI, Security and Privacy, Internet, Big Data Hardware, Data, HPC, IT Cryptocurrency, IoT, Edge Computing, Sustainable Computing
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing History of Desktop Publishing:
Font Technology and Marketing
Queue Issue Computing Capitalisms, Part 1 Human-Computer Interaction
Computing in Science & Engineering

Track CFPs

Software and Data Citation Best of RESPECT 2019 Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Science and Engineering Computational Science and Engineering Education in Different Countries Vision Computing in Environmental Perception of Intelligent Vehicles Computing and COVID-19
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Queue Issue Visualization in Public Spaces Art and Culture Heritage Graphics and Virtual Environments for Serious Games Queue Issue Data Physicalization
IEEE Intelligent Systems Situation Awareness in Human-Computer Interaction for Time-Critical Decision-Making AI and FinTech AI and FinTech Federated Machine Learning Intelligent Recommendation with Advanced AI and Learning Non-IID Outlier Detection in Complex Contexts
IEEE Internet Computing Queue Issue Connected Health Distributed Ledger Technologies Queue Issue Internet of Bodies (IOB) Digital Trust
IT Professional Queue Issue Digital Deception: Cyber Fraud and Online Misinformation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Queue Issue Applied Network Science Communications Recovery and Resilience
IEEE Micro Hot Interconnects Hot Chips Top Picks Agile and Open-Source Hardware Biology/Systems Interface Chip Design 2020

Commercial Products 2020

IEEE MultiMedia Queue Issue Queue Issue Urban Multimedia Computing Big Cross-Modal Social Media Data Analytics with Deep Intelligence
IEEE Pervasive Computing Growing Up with Pervasive Computing Managing Attention Personalized Pervasive Health Pervasive Computing at the Edge
IEEE Software Software Engineering in Society Design Thinking Queue Issue The AI Effect: Working at the Intersection of AI and Software Engineering Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineering Behavioral Science of Software Engineering
IEEE Security & Privacy Cybersecurity Policy Quantitative Issues
in Cyberinsurance
2019 IEEE Euro Security and Privacy Conference Digital Twins Hardware-Assisted Security Smart Cities: Requirements for Security, Privacy, and Trust in Internet of Things

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