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2019 Editorial Calendar

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Computer Outlook Queue Issue Curriculum Foundations of Cybersecurity Cognitive Computing Queue Issue Quantum Realism: A Realistic Future for Quantum Computing Transformative Computing and Communication Data Science and Machine Learning across the Stack TBA TBA Digital Health: Active and Healthy Living Bioinformatics Pathways into the Future
ComputingEdge Internet trends,
IoT, and AR/VR
Careers, AI, software, and  wearables Smart homes, machine learning,
security and privacy, and
quantum computing
Information technology (IT),
software, data visualization, and robotics
IoT, blockchain, social media, and careers Data, cyber-physical systems (CPS),
edge/fog computing, and cloud
Wearables, smart health, software, and quantum computing Autonomous vehicles, security and privacy,
smart homes, and robotics
software, and blockchain
AI, social media,
careers, and
Smart health, data, HPC, and IT Graphics/visualization,
robotics, edge computing, and autonomous vehicles
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Computing and Governance: Part 1 Queue The History of Desktop Publishing: Part 2 Computing and Governance: Part 2
Computing in Science & Engineering

Track CFPs

Race to Exascale Computing Reusable Software Computing in Railway Engineering Scientific Workflows TBA Intelligent Information Processing, Part 2
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Queue Issue Visual Computing with Deep Learning (Part 1) Immersive Analytics Visual Data Science Visual Computing with Deep Learning (Part 2) Provenance and Logging for Sense Making
IEEE Intelligent Systems Queue Issue Queue Issue Queue Issue Queue Issue AI for Disaster Management and Resilience TBA
IEEE Internet Computing Internet computing for smart cities, including IoT security/privacy Online Cognitive Services / Distributed (edge) Translation / Chatbot / including privacy issues Queue Issue Live Video Analytics Meaning of Identity on the Internet Micro-services and Containers
IT Professional Queue Issue Queue Issue Edge Computing Innovations using Blockchain Synthetic/Alternative
Leading-Edge Technologies
IEEE Micro Emerging Memory Technologies Hot Chips Top Picks Secure Architectures Machine Learning Acceleration Monolithic 3D Architectures
IEEE MultiMedia 5G Multimedia Communications: Theory, Technology, and Application Queue Issue Queue Issue Queue Issue
IEEE Pervasive Computing IoT Communications Conversational User Interfaces and Interactions Pervasive Data Science and AI Fabricating Pervasive Computing Systems
IEEE Software The Social Developer
AND Cloudware Engineering
Building Long-Lived Adaptive Systems
AND Large-Scale Agile Development
Managing Software Platforms and Ecosystems Queue issue Sentiment and Emotion in Software Engineering 20 Years of Open Source
IEEE Security & Privacy Digital Forensics, Part 2 Queue issue Queue issue USENIX Conference IoT Security and Privacy GDPR: A Year On

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