10 Marketplace Companies to Keep Your Eye on in 2016
Drew Hendricks
OCT 19, 2015 13:21 PM
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10 Marketplace Companies to Keep Your Eye on in 2016

by Drew Hendricks

The role marketplace companies seek to fill is simple: acting as the middle man between sources of supply and demand. eBay is a classic example of this. Someone who might no longer have use for an item is the answer for the person who doesn’t need a brand new product and is looking to spend less than retail price. Win-win situations are the heartbeat of a marketplace company. By providing a platform for these two groups of people, eBay got double the business and exposure.

It’s no surprise that other companies followed suit. Since eBay’s conception over 10 years ago, a multitude of marketplaces have come about and disrupted a number of large, powerful industries. It’s not an easy task too incorporate a business model into this space. However, when it is done correctly, the potential market share to be captured is enormous. Here are 10 marketplace companies to keep your eye on in 2016.

1. Sprig 
Sprig’s mobile application allows users to get locally sourced and sustainable meals delivered in about 15 minutes. Not your typical fast food, Sprig prides themselves on offering inspiring meals that are made with organic ingredients and responsibly-sourced meats.

2. Luxe 
Now available in 9 cities, Luxe valets will meet you where you wish to park, take your car, and park it in one of the company’s secure lots (and wash and refuel it if you’d like). Then, when you’re ready to leave, Luxe will drive it back to wherever you and return your car.

3. Gigster 
Launching out of Y-Combinator earlier this year, Gigster allows anyone with an app idea to have it built by an elite group of developers for less time and money than it would likely cost someone to hire his or her own team of developers.

4. Magic 
Whether you’re hungry at 2AM or need to fly to New York City next week, text 84389 with any legal request and Magic will see to it that it’s done. The SMS-based service is essentially a personal assistant who can help you do anything at any time of the day.

5. Traction
Traction connects businesses with an elite team of marketing professionals in order to help them gain…traction. Launching out of Y-Combinator in 2014, Traction connects companies to the marketing professionals they need to succeed.

6. Instacart 
Consider the dreaded post-work trip to the grocery store solved! Just provide your address and grocery list and Instacart will be at your door in as little as an hour! The company has raised over $250 million dollars and continues to expand its service into new cities across the country.

7. Raise
We’ve all received gift cards that went unused and eventually lost. Raise works to solve this problem by connecting people who don’t want a certain gift card with people who want it for a discounted price.

8. Flexport
Flexport is a licensed, online freight forwarding and customs brokerage company working to bring global logistics into the modern world. The platform offers users lower costs, a visual supply chain, increased flexibility, and analytics tools to make the forwarding process great for enterprise companies. The company recently raised a $20 million series A and is based in San Francisco.

9. Haven Inc. 
Haven Inc. allows carriers and NVOCCs to sell shipping capacity to customers looking to ship cargo. Carriers can list their capacity for free and get access to a body of new potential customers.

10. Styleseat 
Styleseat connects beauty and wellness professionals to over 4 million potential new clients. The automated platform takes care of booking, appointment reminders, and payment, allowing the beauty professionals to do what they do best - make people look and feel great.

There are a multitude of services being offered today, and often times people don’t even know they exist. In contrast, with the amount of people seeking services, it is impossible for a company to reach them all. That is the beauty behind marketplace companies and the reason they are so successful; they kill two birds with one stone, streamlining the supply and demand process. The potential market share is enormous, and in the end, the consumer, producer and marketplace company win.


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