Editorial Board

Acting Editor in Chief

David Walden
Email: dave.walden.family@gmail.com

Associate Editor in Chief

Nathan Ensmenger
University of Pennsylvania
Email: annals-thinkpiece@computer.org

Associate Editors

David Hemmendinger
Union College
Email: hemmendd@union.edu
Christian Sandström
Chalmers University of Technology
Email: christian.sandstrom@ratio.se
Marie Hicks
Illinois Institue of Technology
Email: mhicks1@iit.edu
Jeffrey R. Yost
Charles Babbage Institute
Email: yostx003@umn.edu

Department Editors

Nathan Ensmenger
University of Pennsylvania
Email: annals-thinkpiece@computer.org
Andrew Russell
Stevens Institute of Technology
Email: annals-reviews@computer.org
Chigusa Kita
Kansai University
Email: annals-es@computer.org
Dag Spicer
Computer History Museum
Email: annals-interviews@computer.org
Irina Nikivincze
Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg
Email: annals-biographies@computer.org
David Walden
Email: dave.walden.family@gmail.com

Editorial Board

Atsushi Akera
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Email: akeraa@rpi.edu
Ulf Hashagen
Deutsches Museum
Email: u.hashagen@deutsches-museum.de
Gerard Alberts
University of Amsterdam
Email: G.Alberts@uva.nl
Luanne Johnson
Computer History Museum
Email: luanne.i.johnson@gmail.com

William Aspray
Indiana University
Email: waspray@indiana.edu

Peggy Aldrich Kidwell
Smithsonian Institution
Email: kidwellp@si.edu
Martin Campbell-Kelly
University of Warwick
Phone: +1 44 24 7652 3193

Jennifer Light
Visiting Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Email: jslight@mit.edu

Paul E. Ceruzzi
National Air and Space Museum
Smithsonian Institute MRC 311
Email: paul.ceruzzi@nasm.si.edu
Brian Randell
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Email: Brian.Randell@newcast.ac.uk
James W. Cortada
Charles Babbage Institute
Email: jwcorta@umn.edu
Keith Smillie
University of Albert
Email: smillie@cs.ualberta.ca
David Alan Grier
George Washington University
Email: grier@gwu.edu
Eric A. Weiss
Email: eaweiss@hawaiiantel.net

Former Editors in Chief

  • Bernard A. Galler, 1979–1987
  • J.A.N. Lee, 1987–1995
  • Michael R. Williams, 1996–2000
  • Tim Bergin, 2000–2003
  • David A. Grier, 2004–2007
  • Jeffrey R. Yost, 2008–2011

Advisory Board

  • Werner Bucholz
  • Calvin C. Gotlieb
  • Burt Grad
  • Robert F. Rosin
  • Jean E. Sammet
  • Henry S. Tropp
  • Heinz Zemanek


Lead Editor: Bonnie Wylie
Associate Manager, Editorial Services Product Development: Brian Kirk
Editorial Management
: Cheryl Baltes
Manager, Editorial Services Content Development: Richard Park
Associate Manager, Peer Review and Admin.: Hilda Carman, hcarman@computer.org
Director of Products & Services: Evan Butterfield
Senior Manager, Editorial Services: Robin Baldwin
Advertising, Senior Business Development Manager:  Sandy Brown, sbrown@computer.org
Senior Advertising Coordinator: Marian Anderson, manderson@computer.org


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