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By Cecilia Mascolo and Nigel Davies
The sensing capabilities of the infrastructure and devices surrounding our daily lives are improving and becoming more affordable by the day. Office buildings, transport infrastructure, and homes are increasingly instrumented with smart devices that can detect human presence and environmental conditions. In this month's theme, we focus on the topic...
By Thomas Stockhammer, Mark Watson, and Christian Timmerer
Video streaming over the Internet has become omnipresent. Content providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and Vudu don't deploy their own delivery infrastructure, but use existing Internet distribution means to deliver their services. This streaming approach works surprisingly well without any particular support from the underlying network, even in...
By Liang-Jie (LJ) Zhang
Services computing cuts across various disciplines to cover the science and technology of bridging the gap between business services and IT services. The underlying technology suite includes Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud computing, business consulting methodology and utilities, and business process modeling, transforma...
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