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Our Rock Star Events are your opportunity to learn the latest trends, best practices and case studies in todays disruptive technology which include Cybersecurity Subject Matter Experts, Software-Defined Environments, Pervasive Predictive Analytics, Emerging Technology, Big Data, Healthcare Security best practices, and much more.

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Rock Stars of Cybersecurity/Threats and Counter Measures

Seattle, Washington
September 13, 2016

What do companies like Google, Adobe, Intel Health and Life Sciences, and PayPal know about Cybersecurity best practices that you need to know? Attend The Rock Stars of Cybersecurity event to find out.

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Rock Stars of Software-Defined Environments

Washington, D.C. Metro Area
September 27, 2016

This is your opportunity to get high-level insights (from a chief data science officer, 3 CTOs, and 2 VPs from the top companies you want to hear from) and real solutions to your specific problems. Don’t miss a great opportunity to attend this Software-Defined Environments event.

Rock Stars of Pervasive, Predictive Badge

Rock Stars of Pervasive, Predictive Analytics

Mountain View, CA
October 18, 2016

Find out how to avoid the 4 biggest problems of predictive analytics. Hear from the Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft as well as the Mashable, Orbitz, the US government and others. Sign up to attend the Rock Stars of Pervasive, Predictive Analytics.



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Rock Stars of Emerging Technologies

El Segundo, California
November 2, 2016

Industry ​Leaders ​Share ​Insights ​on ​Today’s ​Hottest ​Emerging ​Technologies…and ​How ​You ​Can ​Use ​Them ​Now

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Rock Stars of Big Data

Austin, Texas
November 3, 2016

Come meet the experts who are grappling with and solving the problems you face in mining the value of big data. Be sure to sign up and attend the Rock Stars of Big Data event.

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San Francisco, California
March 21-22, 2017

Two ​Days ​of ​the ​Truth ​Behind ​Technology - Never ​before ​has ​so ​much ​brainpower ​been ​packed ​into ​so ​little ​time ​– ​and ​placed ​at ​your ​disposal. Registration is just one click away.