CVPR 2020 Report

Computer Vision: Facilitating a New Era in Human Capability

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2020) Post-Event Report
Published 09/03/2020
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cvprvirtualComputer vision arguably sparked the current artificial intelligence boom, leading the way in many applications, including medicine, security, and transportation.

Every year, thousands of researchers in academia and industry attend Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2020), one of the largest and most prestigious AI conferences, to share what they’ve been up to and see where the field is going. This year’s all-virtual event surpassed all expectations.

The CVPR 2020 Report summarizes the key highlights of the 2020 record-breaking event covering topics and insights from researchers and industry leaders in the field.

  • Learn about the big trends that emerged from this year’s event and the ones to watch moving forward.
  • Explore the research and breakthroughs taking place in topics such as Robotics and Vehicles, Faces and Bodies, and Content Creation.
  • Get a glimpse of predictions for 2021, including the direction of the industry and developments taking place now.

Download the report today for insights into current and future computer vision trends that will shape the industry in the years to come.