IEEE Computer Society Elections

Being held annually, elections are an opportunity for members to select the leaders they want to shape the strategic direction of the IEEE Computer Society on a global scale.

Latest Updates

Election of officers to one-year terms and of Board members to three-year terms, each began 1 January 2024, and were by vote of the membership, as specified in the Bylaws.

The 2024-2026 candidates’ bio and position statements are available in this page’s Meet the Candidates section and were published in the August 2023 issue of Computer magazine.

Withdraw notice: Another First Vice President candidate was approved by the Board of Governors but subsequently withdrew from the slate for reasons beyond their control. Following IEEE election policy, the IEEE Computer Society’s request to run a single candidate slate was approved by the IEEE Vice President for Technical Activities.

Proposed Amendments to the IEEE CS Constitution

As established in the IEEE CS Constitution, Computer Society members annually elect a first vice president and a second vice president, each for a one-year term. Beginning last year, based on recommendations from the IEEE CS Nominations Committee and the IEEE CS Constitution and Bylaws Committee, the IEEE CS Board of Governors has been discussing options for the vice presidential positions. At its June 2023 meeting, the IEEE CS Board unanimously endorsed proposed constitutional amendments to reduce the number of elected vice presidents from two to one.

The proposed Constitutional amendments are below with revisions indicated strike-through text. Only the revised sections are included; sections without revisions were omitted.

Key Rationale: The rationale to have one elected vice president is the challenge of attracting vice presidential nominees. There has also been confusion about the first and second vice president roles. There is no clear set of duties for either position, other than being in the line of succession for the presidency.

Governance Actions: The IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors has approved these amendments and the IEEE Technical Activities Board has administratively approved these amendments. IEEE CS members will vote on the amendments in conjunction with this year’s election, scheduled to begin on 7 August 2023. Final approval of the amendments requires approval by at least two-thirds of the votes cast by the Society’s membership in this ballot.

If the amendments to reduce to one elected vice president are approved, it will not affect this year’s election results. The 2024 Board of Governors will have two elected vice presidents. The reduction to one vice president will begin with the 2025 Board.

Questions about the proposed amendments can be sent to

Meet the 2024 - 2026 Candidates

Learn more about the candidates by selecting each of the options below. The opinions expressed in the statements are those of the individual candidates and do not necessarily reflect Computer Society positions or policies.

How to Vote

Members and Graduate Student members in all regions can vote via the IEEE’s secure website (Open from 7 Aug. to 11 Sept. 2023).

Computer Society higher grade members (excluding Students) and affiliates whose memberships were active before 1 June 2023 are eligible to vote in this year’s election.



All eligible voters will receive an email message from sender with voting instructions to access their online ballot information and voting link. (Open from 7 Aug. to 11 Sept). IEEE Account username/password is required to access the online ballot.

Printed Ballots: Computer Society members without email addresses in their member records, or who have opted out of IEEE email communications, will receive paper ballot packages via mail.

  • Return your ballot using the business reply envelope provided or to: IEEE Technical Activities ATTN: SGA 445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331 Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331 USA

  • For replacement ballots or to request a paper ballot, call +1-732-562-3904 or email

Elections FAQ


How do I verify the voting link for CS elections?

Access the voting link from the Computer Society Election page.

Copy and paste the voting link into your browser (or type it in the browser), and it will take you directly to the voting site.

Go to the IEEE website and click on the IEEE Computer Society Election link from there; it will take you to the voting site.


 Where can I print or download candidates' information online?

Download or print candidates’ bios and position statements from Computer‘s August edition.


When will I receive my ballot?

IEEE Computer Society Annual Election paper ballots will be mailed to all eligible voting members who have requested not to receive an email, as well as to those who do not have an email address on record with the IEEE Computer Society, Monday 7 August 2023 via first-class mail.

All eligible voting members who have an email address on record with the Society will receive electronic access to ballot materials beginning 12:01 AM Monday, 7 August 2023 from sender


How do I access my ballot electronically?

Eligible voting members may access their ballots electronically. To authenticate access, please have your IEEE web account login ID and password readily available. If you are voting from the email notice you received, simply click on the voting URL. provided in the email message and enter your IEEE web account login and password.


What is the deadline for paper ballot and electronic ballot receipt?

All paper and electronic ballots for the 2023 IEEE Computer Society Annual Election must be received by IEEE Technical Activities by Monday, 11 September 2023, 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time USA to be counted.


What is the deadline for paper ballot and electronic ballot receipt?

No. If you have mailed in your paper ballot, DO NOT VOTE electronically.


I have already voted online. Should I mail in my paper ballot as well?

No. If you have voted electronically DO NOT return your paper ballot.


I have not received my ballot package in the mail yet. How do I request one?

All eligible voting members on record after the 1 June 2023 grade elevation cut-off date and who had an email address on record with the Society received an electronic ballot via email. (Undergraduate students are not eligible to vote in the Society election.) If you requested not to receive electronic communication from the Society or do not have an email address on record with the Society, and have not received a paper ballot, call +1 732 562 3904 or email for a replacement ballot.



How long before my voting session times out?

The session will end after 30 minutes of inactivity (i.e. not pressing any button in the application) and return you to the login screen.

If you need more time to read the election materials, please read the candidates’ election materials or visit the election page.


How do I access the voting survey link after logging out of the voting site?

Where can I sign up for the upcoming Presidential Town Hall?

You must Register to attend the Annual CS Presidential Town Hall each year.

The Zoom dial-in information will be emailed to the attendees before the event.


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