Technical Committee on the Internet Announces Awards Winners

Published 10/27/2021
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TCI Awards 2021Celebrating Leaders in Computing

The IEEE Computer Society continues to celebrate computing champions from its membership with its world-renowned awards. In addition to honoring these individuals for their contributions to computing, we share the advancements and challenges these individuals are working to solve in their respective fields. The IEEE-CS TCI committee is excited to announce its 2021 award winners.


Dr. Schahram Dustdar, 2021 TCI Distinguished Service Award winner

Dr. Schahram DustdarDr. Dustdar is Full Professor of Computer Science at TU Wien, Austria, is on the editorial board of IEEE Internet Computing and IEEE Computer as well as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. Additionally, Dr. Dustdar is the founding co-Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Internet of Things and Editor-in-Chief of Computing (Springer).


Dr. Blesson Varghese, 2021 TCI Rising Star Award winner

Dr. Blesson VargheseDr. Varghese is Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast and his research interests are in addressing system-oriented challenges in edge/fog and cloud computing systems and developing use cases that can benefit from the edge/fog computing paradigm.


About TC on the Internet

The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on the Internet (IEEE-CS TCI) furthers the advancement of the internet through research on the underlying technologies and applications it supports. Focus areas include many areas of computer science and engineering including application software, middleware, systems, networked multimedia, e-commerce, IoT, security, network protocols, and server architecture.

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