IEEE Software Magazine Wins 2020 Folio: Eddie Award

Other IEEE Computer Society Magazines Received Honorable Mentions
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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 09 December 2020— The Folio: Eddie Awards, which recognize editorial excellence in the publishing industry, honored three IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) magazines this year. IEEE Software, a leading publication for software professionals, won the top award in the App/Digital Edition, Association/Nonprofit category, while Computer and IEEE Security & Privacy magazines each received an honorable mention in the same category.

IEEE Software’s winning September/October 2019 issue on “Sentiment and Emotion in Software Engineering” explores a topic that many don’t associate with computers or software. But this issue shows that emotion awareness contributes to better software products and software engineering workplaces. Software developer morale can help or hurt productivity and team collaboration, while sentiment-analysis software tools can improve product quality and customer service by detecting user emotions. This special issue aims to inspire new practices that leverage emotion awareness at the individual and organizational level in the software industry.

IEEE Software magazine features timely content that bridges research and practice to realize our vision of being a reliable source for reflective software engineering practitioners,” said Ipek Ozkaya, editor in chief of IEEE Software and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute. “Each of our issues includes our popular departments as well as theme and feature articles. The ‘Sentiment and Emotion in Software Engineering’ issue in particular is well-deserving of this recognition, as it tackles some increasingly important and understudied aspects of running large development organizations: developer well-being, inclusion, and the impact of emotion on work performance and team collaboration.”

Articles in this issue include:

  • “Release Early, Release Often, and Watch Your Users’ Emotions: Lessons from Emotional Patterns,” which uses sentiment analysis to gauge user reactions to app changes and recommends five strategies for retaining app users: continuously analyze feedback, frequently release small changes, prerelease changes to subsets, explain changes, and capture implicit feedback.
  • “Can a Machine Learn through Customer Sentiment?: A Cost-Aware Approach to Predict Support Ticket Escalations,” which aims to help software organizations improve customer satisfaction through a machine-learning approach to monitoring emotions in customer-support conversations.
  • “Comparing the Communication Tone and Responses of Users and Developers in Two R Mailing Lists: Measuring Positive and Negative Emails,” in which the authors analyze 10 years of emails between two teams to understand the different types of responses they generate.
  • “Perceptions of Gender Diversity’s Impact on Mood in Software Development Teams,” which examines how a team’s gender ratio affects workplace atmosphere, productivity, and team cohesion.
  • “The Connection between Burnout and Personality Types in Software Developers,” in which the authors ask whether certain personality types (based on the five-factor model of personality) experience higher rates of burnout and stress in the workplace.

Honorable Mentions

In its October 2019 issue entitled “Fifty Years of Networking”—which received the honorable mention—Computer reflects on the golden anniversary of networked computers. Computer networking is the precursor to what became the Internet and all of the modern computer communications we know and love today. This issue focuses on the impact of early networks, such as the Arpanet, as well as on the opportunities and challenges of modern networking technologies.

“Computer strives to offer readers the most relevant and timely content possible, and it offers authors a large audience for their content,” said Jeffrey M. Voas, editor in chief of Computer and computer scientist at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). “The role of the magazine is keeping readers and authors connected on important developments in the computing field. The October 2019 issue provides a nice historical look back at the field of networking, and I am proud of all the volunteers who put the issue together.”

IEEE Security & Privacy’s November/December 2019 issue, entitled “GDPR: One Year In,” also received an honorable mention. It examines the impact of Europe’s massive overhaul of privacy and data protection laws. Nearly a decade in the making, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect to great fanfare in May 2018 with the goal of returning control of personal data to individuals. Impacting every area of an economy marked by technological and data innovation—including finance, healthcare, retail, education, transportation, utilities, and scientific research—the GDPR carried immense promise but also many implementation challenges and interpretation complexities. This issue of IEEE Security & Privacy looks at the reform’s effect on corporate and organizational data practices, particularly at the intersection of policy, law, and computer engineering.

“IEEE Security & Privacy is honored by this recognition of one of our theme issues. It demonstrates our success at identifying critical themes of interest to many informed readers and recruiting the best guest editors and authors to provide insights on the chosen theme,” said David M. Nicol, editor in chief of IEEE Security & Privacy and professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The annual Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards recognize the very best in editorial and design across all sectors of the publishing industry. A prestigious panel of roughly 300 judges narrowed down winners from thousands of entries. View the full list of winners and honorable mentions.

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