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IEEE Std 1838: 3DIC Test Infrastructure For Use Today

20 April 2021–11:00 am ET

Adam Cron, Principal Engineer, Synopsys, &
Erik Jan Marinissen, Scientific Director, IMEC

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The IEEE standard for test integration of stacked ICs has been released and is rapidly being leveraged for test access in 3D-stacked, 2.5D, chiplet-based, and other multi-die package applications. IEEE Std 1838-2019, “IEEE Standard for Test Access Architecture for Three-Dimensional Stacked Integrated Circuits”, allows die makers to design dies which, if compliant to this standard, constitute, once stacked in a 3D-IC by a stack integrator, a consistent stack-level test access architecture. While the standard leaves full freedom to design, DfT, and test engineers to specify their die-level test strategy and corresponding 2D-DfT, it adds standardized 3D-DfT on top of the 2D-DfT, such that dies can cooperate to transport test stimuli up into the stack and test responses back down. The fact that the 3D-DfT is standardized enables EDA tools to automatically insert the additional 3D-DfT in the die designs, so that designers can focus on functional innovation while having confidence in the fact that test access is available to help prove product quality.

Every compliant die is equipped with a Die Wrapper Register (DWR) based on IEEE Std 1500™-2005 for testing embedded cores; these wrappers enable a modular hierarchical test strategy in which stacked dies as well as their interconnects can be tested as stand-alone units. The actual stack configuration is determined by loading configuration instructions through the well-known serial (1-bit) IEEE Std 1149.1 (‘JTAG’) test access port. IEEE Std 1838 also offers a higher-bandwidth (n-bit) test access mechanism via its optional and very scalable Flexible Parallel Port (FPP), a concept unique to IEEE Std 1838.

This presentation by the chair and vice-chair of the Working Group that developed this standard will teach you the IEEE Std 1838 architecture and provide you with some interesting standard development history.

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