2017 Board of Governors Schedule

Details about  the last 2016 Board of Governors meetings can be found at the Board Meetings and Resources page.


Staff works with new leaders to familiarize them with the goals and initiatives of their boards from the current year, and funds available for first quarter projects.

 1 Jan

New Board of Governors and Executive Committee is seated

 1 Jan

Committee/board heads review current year goals, status and budget, and with staff assistance,  reports goal-related initiatives via Balanced Scorecard.

By Jan

Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim, CA USA
(BoG Caucus/ExCom Meeting, 2 Feb; BoG meeting, 3 Feb)

 30 Jan - 3 Feb

Committee/board heads may submit First Quarter Project Initiation Forms (PIFs) requesting budget additions/changes in current year, to Planning Committee (PlanCom).

 By 14 Feb

PlanCom determines alignment of new PIF requests to current short- and long-term goals. Passes recommendation to FinCom.

 By 21 Feb

Schedule and call for CS board/officer recommendations to Nominations Committee (NomCom) in Computer

 March Issue

FinCom (in consultation with ED) reviews and approves/rejects new PIF requests.

 By 20 Mar

Annual Operations Plan is finalized and distributed, including new projects approved by FinCom.

 By 31 Mar

Recommendations from membership for board/officer nominees mailed to NomCom.

 7 May

NomCom slate of Computer Society officer and board candidates due to Board of Governors.

 8 May

Last day for board/officer petition candidates to be submitted to Board secretary.

 26 May

Committee/board heads review/revise their short-term goals and related initiatives to take effect in current year, and long-term goals to begin in next year.

By June
Hyatt Regency, Phoenix, AZ USA
Including approval of Periodical page budgets, prices and board/officer candidates  
(Program Board and committee meetings, 12-14 June; BoG Caucus/ExCom Meeting 15 June; and BoG Meeting 16 June).

 12-17 June

Committee/board heads submit to PlanCom PIFs for budget additions/changes for next year's new initiatives.


Last day for 2017 IEEE Division VIII Delegate-Director-Elect petition candidates to be submitted to IEEE.


PlanCom determines alignment of PIF requests to strategic goals.  Passes recommendation to FinCom, and consideration for the subsequent budget.

 28 June

FinCom (in consultation with ED) reviews and approves/rejects PIF requests, and if approved, budgeted initiatives become part of next year's budget.

 20 July

Board-approved slate and call for petition candidates published in Computer

 July Issue

FinCom presents next year's budget to ExCom and BoG


Candidate statements/biographies published in Computer

 Aug Issue

Executive Committee Telecon to receive the 2017 Staffing Plan


Board of Governors Telecon to approve the 2017 Operating and Capital Budgets.


CS Ballots mailed

1 Aug

CS Ballots returned and tabulated

3 Oct

PlanCom reviews current set of short- and long-term strategic goals and revises and consolidates as necessary – to become effective in the next year. 

By 15 Oct
Hyatt Regency, Phoenix, AZ USA
(BoG Caucus/ExCom Meeting  Sun, 12 Nov; and BoG Meeting Mon., 13 Nov). 

 12-13 Nov

PlanCom submits new/revised goals to BoG for approval. PlanCom documents changes to goals, revises the current year's "handbook," and issues next year's revised handbook.

 By 18 Nov

CS Election results published in Computer

 Dec Issue