29 June 2016

Candidates Approved for 2016 IEEE Computer Society Election

The Board of Governors has approved the slate of candidates for the IEEE Computer Society 2016 election:

2017 President-Elect (2018 President)

Hironori Kasahara Hausi A. Muller

2017 First Vice President

David Lomet Forrest Shull

2017 Second Vice President

Gregory T. Byrd Vladimir Getov

2017-2019 Terms on the Board of Governors

Saurabh Bagchi Sumi Helal
Andy Tzir Long Chen Sy-Yen Kuo
Leila De Floriani
Avi Mendelson
David S. Ebert
San Murugesan
Jill I. Gostin Dimitrios Serpanos
William Gropp Jiantao (Gene) Wen



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