COMPSAC21: Publications of the Future – Dejan Milojicic

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 09/28/2021
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Publications of the Future Dejan MilojicicWill publications of the future be personalized, bias-free, AI-driven information mashups? Will you be able to get the information you need, when you need it, where you need it and explainable? Will there be an Amazon for science articles — you buy the article, not a whole journal, and for $2-3, not for $20-30. Should joining a scientific society be decoupled from receiving their journal(s)? The ~$100 per year you pay supports your society, maybe it doesn’t need to buy articles you don’t read. Finally, will there be new suitable applications that would allow you to read scientific papers on popular devices as Kindle?

Let’s discuss. Let’s imagine.

This discussion was joined by a panel of experts from the computing industry, bringing their unique perspectives from industry. In this video, former IEEE Computer Society President, Dejan Milojicic shares his thoughts and opinions.



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IEEE Computer Society’s signature Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC) was held July 12, 2021. COMPSAC is a week-long yearly conference that brings together computer science and information technology professionals and researchers from across the world to network and share their most recent discoveries. The meeting rotates annually from Asia, North American, and Europe. Unfortunately, this was the second year this 45-year-old conference was conducted virtually once again. 2021 was a special year for COMPSAC as it was held during the Computer Society’s 75th anniversary year.

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