IEEE Quantum Week 2020

Closing the Quantum Gap with Algorithmic Improvements

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 02/09/2021
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Quantum Computing

Watch one of the most informative keynotes from IEEE Quantum Week 2020: Closing the Quantum Gap with Algorithmic Improvements

We are years away from realizing the potential of a scalable quantum computer, but can we apply all that we’ve learned from quantum computing to achieve impact today? And if so, how? Concepts drawn from quantum physics like quantum tunneling can move us beyond today’s descriptive and predictive analytics to prescriptive capabilities and more accurate modeling. In this talk, I’ll share some of our research, insights, and real-world case studies. You’ll walk away from this session with a practical set of new ideas, tools, and resources you can use to explore and experiment with quantum concepts on classical computing. And an insight into some recent breakthroughs. Together, as a community, we can take computing to the next dimension.

Keynote Speaker: Krysta Svore (Microsoft)

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