Show 138: Nicole Perlroth Discusses Life as a Cyber Security Journalist

By Gary McGraw
Published 09/29/2017
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In this Episode Nicole Perlroth

Nicole Perlroth covers cybersecurity for the New York Times. Before joining the San Francisco bureau in 2011, she was deputy editor at Forbes where she covered venture capital and web start-ups. Perlroth is the recipient of several journalism awards for her reporting on efforts by the Chinese government to steal military and industrial trade secrets. She is currently working on a cybersecurity book, This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends for Penguin/Portfolio (2017). She holds a B.A. in Politics and Near Eastern Studies from Princeton, and a M.A. in Journalism from Stanford. She’s a native of the Bay Area where she still lives.

Listen as Gary and Nicole talk about life as a cyber security journalist, being a woman in the security industry, and playing up the sex appeal of cyber security.



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