Connection and Belonging: Showing Pride in Computer Science

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 06/01/2023
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2023 Pride MonthPride Month is a time for us to recognize and reflect on the achievements and contributions of computing professionals and students who are also members of the LGBTQ+ community. The IEEE Computer Society remains committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, valuing human differences, and creating equal opportunities for dialogue and advancement.


Embracing Diversity in Computing

As a scientific community, it is imperative that we actively engage with different perspectives from diverse backgrounds. By investing in our communities, we can collectively address challenges and shape solutions that are representative of the diversity of humans on our planet.

We will update this page weekly as we highlight LGBTQ+ computing professionals with our Excellence in STEM interview series. We also encourage you to read last year’s Pride in STEM series for insights from nine researchers, students, and advocates. You’ll also find recommended reading on a wide spectrum of LGBTQ+ topics in computing and engineering.


Excellence in STEM Interviews


Notable LGBTQ+ Computer Scientists

We shine a spotlight on some notable LGBTQ+ computer scientists and technologists, highlighting their achievements, contributions, and the impact they have had on the world of computing, including LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Lynn Conway is a transgender computer scientist, electrical engineer, and IEEE Fellow who made pioneering contributions to computer architecture and design. She is known for her work on dynamic instruction scheduling and co-authoring the book “Introduction to VLSI Systems.”

Martine Rothblatt is a transgender computer scientist, lawyer, and entrepreneur. She founded Sirius Satellite Radio (now SiriusXM) and the biotechnology company United Therapeutics. Rothblatt has made notable contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and has been recognized for her pioneering work in telecommunications.

Sophie Wilson is a pioneering computer scientist known for her significant contributions to developing computer architecture and microprocessors. She is also notable for being a transgender woman and an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in the field of technology.

Audrey Tang is a Taiwanese computer scientist, software programmer, and political activist. Her expertise lies in programming and software development. She has contributed significantly to open-source projects and is known for her work in the Perl programming language community.


Tips for Running Inclusive Conferences

In recognition of the intersectional identities within the LGBTQ+ community, use our curated tips for conference organizers. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for creating inclusive and affirming environments that promote a spectrum of ideas and experiences during IEEE Computer Society-sponsored conferences.