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From the November 2016 issue

Real-Time Radiometric Compensation for Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays

By Tobias Langlotz, Matthew Cook, and Holger Regenbrecht

Featured articleOptical see-through head-mounted displays are currently seeing a transition out of research labs towards the consumer-oriented market. However, whilst availability has improved and prices have decreased, the technology has not matured much. Most commercially available optical see-through head mounted displays follow a similar principle and use an optical combiner blending the physical environment with digital information. This approach yields problems as the colors for the overlaid digital information can not be correctly reproduced. The perceived pixel colors are always a result of the displayed pixel color and the color of the current physical environment seen through the head-mounted display. In this paper we present an initial approach for mitigating the effect of color-blending in optical see-through head-mounted displays by introducing a real-time radiometric compensation. Our approach is based on a novel prototype for an optical see-through head-mounted display that allows the capture of the current environment as seen by the user's eye. We present three different algorithms using this prototype to compensate color blending in real-time and with pixel-accuracy. We demonstrate the benefits and performance as well as the results of a user study. We see application for all common Augmented Reality scenarios but also for other areas such as Diminished Reality or supporting color-blind people.

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