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From the July 2018 issue

Collision Avoidance Behavior between Walkers: Global and Local Motion Cues

By Sean Dean Lynch, Richard Kulpa, Laurentius Antonius Meerhoff, Julien Pettré, Armel Crétual, and Anne-Hélène Olivier

Featured article thumbnail imageDaily activities require agents to interact with each other, such as during collision avoidance. The nature of visual information that is used for a collision free interaction requires further understanding. We aim to manipulate the nature of visual information in two forms, global and local information appearances. Sixteen healthy participants navigated towards a target in an immersive computer-assisted virtual environment (CAVE) using a joystick. A moving passive obstacle crossed the participant's trajectory perpendicularly at various pre-defined risks of collision distances. The obstacle was presented with one of five virtual appearances, associated to global motion cues (i.e., a cylinder or a sphere), or local motion cues (i.e., only the legs or the trunk). A full body virtual walker, showing both local and global motion cues, used as a reference condition. The final crossing distance was affected by the global motion appearances, however, appearance had no qualitative effect on motion adaptations. These findings contribute towards further understanding what information people use when interacting with others.

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