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From the September 2017 issue

Multi-Instance Classification by Max-Margin Training of Cardinality-Based Markov Networks

By Hossein Hajimirsadeghi and Greg Mori

Featured article thumbnail imageWe propose a probabilistic graphical framework for multi-instance learning (MIL) based on Markov networks. This framework can deal with different levels of labeling ambiguity (i.e., the portion of positive instances in a bag) in weakly supervised data by parameterizing cardinality potential functions. Consequently, it can be used to encode different cardinality-based multi-instance assumptions, ranging from the standard MIL assumption to more general assumptions. In addition, this framework can be efficiently used for both binary and multiclass classification. To this end, an efficient inference algorithm and a discriminative latent max-margin learning algorithm are introduced to train and test the proposed multi-instance Markov network models. We evaluate the performance of the proposed framework on binary and multi-class MIL benchmark datasets as well as two challenging computer vision tasks: cyclist helmet recognition and human group activity recognition. Experimental results verify that encoding the degree of ambiguity in data can improve classification performance.

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