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From the August 2018 issue

Advanced Compressor Tree Synthesis for FPGAs

By Martin Kumm and Johannes Kappauf

Featured article thumbnail image This work presents novel methods for the optimization of compressor trees for FPGAs as required in many arithmetic computations. As demonstrated in recent work, important key elements for the design of efficient but fast compressor trees are target-optimized 4:2 compressors as well as generalized parallel counters (GPCs). However, the optimization of a compressor tree for minimal resources using both compressors and GPCs has not been addressed so far. As this combined optimization is a non-trivial task, three methods are proposed to find best solutions for a given problem size: 1) a heuristic that obtains compressor trees with typically less resources and fewer stages than state-of-the-art heuristics, 2) an integer linear programming (ILP)-based methodology that finds optimal compressor trees using the fewest stages possible, 3) a combined approach that partially solves the problem heuristically to reduce the search space for the ILP-based method. In all methods, the cost for pipeline registers can be included. Synthesis experiments show that the proposed methods provide pipelined compressor trees with about 40 percent less LUTs compared to trees of 2-input adders at the cost of being about 12 ...20 percent slower.

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