TC Chair Resources

Congratulations on being elected as Chair, Vice Chair or Chair-Elect of your Technical Committee, Council, or Task Force! We hope this reference page will assist you in your leadership role.

If at any time you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Brookes Little, Program Manager.

T&C Board Handbook

This handbook outlines the policies and procedures for the Computer Society Technical & Conference Acitivities Board and Technical Committees.

Technical Meeting Handbook (TMH)

This handbook provides both advice and policy procedures for running successful Computer Society conferences. Policy statements are indicated by italics or referenced in the form of web links. 

Computer Society Conferences Homepage

Computer Society technical conferences are a forum for top minds to come together to develop, validate and disseminate leading edge information.

IEEE Computer Society Governance Documents

These documents provide the basis for the leadership activities of the Computer Society, including publications, conferences, and governance.

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