Welcome to the Standards Speakers Bureau!

This new program was created to provide Computer Society Chapters with local speakers on computer standards.

Please read the policies and procedures before contacting the speakers and submit the notification form once the event has been finalized with the speakers.

After the event, please submit the follow-up form.

SSB Speakers


Joe Decuir

Area: Washington State, Oregon, California, British Columbia & New York (Rochester, near MCCI).


  • UltraWideband: IEEE 802.15 TG3a, WiMedia Alliance and Ecma-368


Scott P. Duncan

Area: (West) Central Georgia


  • Why Care About Standards?
  • How do IEEE and ISO software standards get developed?
  • A Standard for Agile Methods


Vivek Gupta

Area: Oregon, Pacific Northwest


  • IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handovers
  • IEEE 802.11u (Inter-working with External Networks)


John Harauz

Area: Southern Ontario and Northwestern New York


  • Software Engineering as a profession
  • Safety and Security Considerations in Developing Software


Katherine L. Morse

Area: Southern California


  • IEEE 1516 – Modeling and Simulation High Level Architecture


Randy Saunders

Area: East Coast


  • IEEE 1516 – Modeling and Simulation High Level Architecture


John Walz

Area: (Contact speaker)


  • Software engineering standards for CMMI
  • Software engineering standards for ISO 9001
  • Software engineering standards for IT departments supporting Sarbanes-Oxley
  • How to contributing to developing computer standards
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