Standards Speakers Bureau (SSB) Policies and Procedures


A. Serving All Chapters

The IEEE Computer Society Standards Speakers Bureau (SSB) was initiated in 2007. Its purpose is to offer local speakers who have presentations on standards to area chapters. Each year, we will attempt to find new speakers with new topics, to help maintain interest even by those chapters that have already taken advantage of the program. You will also find that the email request and approval system can expedite the response to your speaker requests. The policies and procedures contained herein should clarify and address commonly asked questions raised by program participants. If you have any suggestions or comments about program policies and procedures, please send them to the Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC) at

All correspondence for the Society Standards Speakers Bureau (SSB) should be sent to the Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC) 

SBB Services 
c/o IEEE Computer Society Volunteer Services Coordinator 
1730 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20036-1992 

Phone: +1 202 371 0101 
Fax: +1 202 728 0884


The SSB caters to existing Computer Society professional and student chapters. The following information provides an outline of general policies and procedures.

A. General

  • TheSociety Standards Speakers Bureau (SSB) consists of the SSB Chair and the Volunteer Services Coordinator (Computer Society staff) to facilitate implementation of the program.
  • All SSB correspondence should be directed to: Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC). The program year is 1 January - 31 December.

B. Visits

  • Visits Per Year – There is no limit to the number of SSB visits a chapter may arrange per calendar year. Notification of a speaking engagement must be made in advance to the Volunteer Services Coordinator so that a record of each visit can be recorded by the Society. Collaboration between neighboring chapters to arrange SSB visits is encouraged, as it promotes networking opportunities within local areas.
  • E-mail Notification -- Notification and other information should be submitted by e-mail. Submit visit notifications, follow-up evaluations, nominations for speakers, comments and questions to the Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC) at

C. Notification in Advance Required

All SSB visits must submit advance notification to the VSC. Arrangements made by speakers, chapters, and/or others outside of SSB policies and procedures are not the responsibility of the Computer Society.


The procedures to obtain the services of a speaker are as follows. The SSB serves all Computer Society professional and student chapters.

  1. A chapter should consider speakers from the current on-line catalog only.
  2. A chapter should contact the speaker directly to set up a tentative date for the visit.
  3. After setting a tentative date with the speaker, the chapter should submit the SSB Notification Form to SSB Services as early as possible before the scheduled visit.
  4. The Volunteer Services Coordinator records the visit and regularly reports SSB activity the SSB Chair. The IEEE Computer Society will not be responsible for and will not reimburse the expenses of any speaker travel. The SSB has been created for local speaker visits which do not incur speaker reimbursement nor travel funding.
  5. The chapter provides the speaker with details of presentation site, expected attendance, and other arrangements. The speaker provides the chapter with travel arrangements and presentation needs (audiovisual, helpers, materials, etc.).
  6. During the presentation, the chapter officer should keep a record for the Follow-up Form of the topic, total attendance, and notes on technical content, oral, and overall presentation.
  7. After a visit, the chapter should fill out the Follow-up Form, and send it to SSB Services as soon as possible, but no later than one month after the visit.


Speakers are selected by the SSB Committee headed by the SSB Chair. The SSB Chair may appoint members to the SSB Committee for a total of up to 4 members, including the SSB Chair, as deemed necessary to carry out the selection process. Nominations for new speakers are formally solicited by the Chair in the Fall of each year, but may be accepted any time throughout the year. The selection of speakers is in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Speakers are recognized authorities in their respective fields as indicated by the following criteria with respect to their chosen topics: 1) a record of public speaking at conferences or technical meetings, 2) articles in technical or trade journals, and 3) books published.
  2. Speakers offer topics of interest to the general Computer Society membership as determined by the following criteria: 1) topics represented in publications, trade journals, and books; and 2) reader/member interest surveys.
  3. Speakers' schedules permit them to respond positively to requesting chapters.
  4. Speakers have the support of their employer to participate in the SSB.
  5. A speaker may exit the program for personal reasons or may be terminated at the discretion of the SSB Chair with the concurrence of the SSB Committee.
  6. Speakers must be members of the Computer Society.

Recommendations for new speakers, as well as suggestions for desired topics, are welcome at any time. Please submit to the Volunteer Services Coordinator the Speaker Nomination Form along with the nominee's biographical information and two or three abstracts of proposed topics, (use the entries in the current online catalog as a reference for text length). Nominations should be sent by e-mail to the Volunteer Services Coordinator at