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SISO now maintains three families of IEEE standards: IEEE 1278 (Distributed Interactive Simulation),  IEEE 1516 (High Level Architecture for Modeling and Simulation), and IEEE 1730 (Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process). These standards were initially developed by members of the DIS/SISO organization acting as a subcommittee of the IEEE Computer Society SAB.

Standards Products shall be as general as possible, while still maintaining usefulness, to support the broadest community of current and future users.     

Standards Products shall be established and changed only as necessary.  They shall be prototyped and tested before being proposed for adoption to demonstrate their maturity.     

Standards Products shall maintain the integrity of the existing product suite and the needs of the user.    




Simulation Interoperability (SISO/SAC)
Standards Committee Members: 

Jeff Abbott (Chair)
Marcy Stutzman (Vice Chair/Secretary, C/SI SISO SAC Representative)
Grant Bailey
Jean-Louis Igarza
Peggy Gravitz
Kevin Gupton
Bob Lutz
Angus L M Thom McLean, III
Lana McGlynn
William Oates
Simone Youngblood




Simulation Interoperability
Standards Organization (SISO) Policies & Procedures




IEEE Standards maintained by SISO SAC

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Tutorials will be offered on these IEEE Standards series:
-- IEEE 1278 Distributed Interactive Simulation
-- IEEE 1516 High Level Architecture
-- IEEE 1730 Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process
  • DOWNLOAD>>  IEEE Standard 1730.1™, Distributed Simulation Engineering & Execution Process Multi-Architecture Overlay (DMAO).